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    Faculty Technology Showcase

    The Center for Learning with Technology will host the event Wednesday, February 16 to Thursday, February 17, 2022.

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    Improve student learning

    Teachers demonstrate and discuss ways to educate with technology.

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    Discover innovative technology

    Faculty learn tips and tricks for using tech in the classroom to enhance learning outcomes.

10th Annual Faculty Technology Showcase

The Faculty Showcase is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16 (Workshop) through Thursday, February 17 (Showcase Day) 2022.

The purpose of the FTS is to highlight faculty who utilize technology in the classroom, and provide them an opportunity to share, peer-to-peer, from their experiences. This has proven to be a great way to collaborate, educate and expand the use of technology on campus. Today’s classroom is a dynamic environment that engages the student in a variety of learning experiences; many of those experiences make use of technology. Several of our faculty members are already using creative methods to allow students to achieve success and we proudly display their hard work at the annual Faculty Technology Showcase.

To positively affect learning experiences and illustrate technological solutions, the goals of the FTS include:

  • Educate - Increase awareness of the capabilities of technological solutions available to faculty
  • Discover - Provide some hands-on time for faculty to explore a variety of technological tools
  • Innovate - Promote technological resources faculty can incorporate in their classrooms
  • Collaborate - Create a peer-to-peer network for further collaboration


The agenda for this year’s showcase has been expanded to cover a range of topics, including hearing from our very own faculty about their experience using creative methods (technology or theory) in the classroom. There will also be numerous hands-on activities. Our Keynote speaker, Dr. Todd Zakrajsek, plans to engage you with practical suggestions to get the most out of your students. His topics are: Universal Threads in All Learning: Technology-Enhanced Learning, What have we Learned from the Pandemic that may Make Teaching and Learning Stronger than Ever? and Now What?: A plan of ACtion to Enhance our Teaching and Student Learning.

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Our schedule for Wednesday, February 16 and Thursday, February 17 can be found on Scholarworks.

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