Global Missions Experience
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    Join us for a whole new perspective on missions September 21-24.

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    Discover a cultural experience in the market.

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    Guest speakers share lessons learned in the mission field.

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    Gain a new perspective on sharing the gospel in other cultures.

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    Acquire essential skills useful in both urban and rural settings.

Global Missions Experience theme Unashamed

Join us Sept. 21-24, 2017

In the fall of 2010, Harding University hosted the 50th World Mission Workshop at Camp Tahkodah. The weekend transformed the nature of the event so that it is now a "hands-on" experience for young people interested in world missions. Join us for this event, renamed Global Missions Experience, on September 21, 2017 at Tahkodah.

In today's world, persecution is prevalent in ways before unseen and is becoming increasingly relevant in the lives of Christians around the world. In the West, our culture of tolerance, in which all ideas and faiths are assigned equal validity, has generated social persecution and effectively silenced many churches from sharing faith. This year the Global Missions Experience will seek to understand what persecution looks like, how it affects our faith, and how we respond to the call we've been given in the face of it. Our objective in our keynotes and worship sessions is to challenge participants to humbly and confidently share faith without fear of being marginalized by friends, family, and co-workers. The theme Unashamed centers the weekend on being bold in faith through keynote speakers, campfire group discussions, and learning stations that deal with different aspects of missions in the face of persecution to the world. We hope you will join us!



Global Missions Experience: $50 per person.

Harding Students $35


GME is held at Harding University Tahkodah (HUT) and Camp Tahkodah.

Camp Tahkodah is the home of a fantastic 1,350 acre summer camp that is owned and operated by Harding University. With rustic cabins, a refreshing creek, beautiful bluffs, and wooded trails, Tahkodah provides the perfect setting to interact with likeminded believers, learn about God and His heart for the world, and spend time with the Creator in the midst of His beautiful creation. Learn more about Tahkodah.

Harding University Tahkodah (fondly called HUT) was founded in 2001 and is a training ground for students eager to serve the Lord in various capacities all over the world. HUT features housing representative of 7 ethnic groups worldwide, and continues to grow. HUT is used to prepare students for ministry to peoples living in poverty worldwide, and to help them gain a more global vision that will equip them to better participate in God’s mission for the world. Learn more about HUT.

The 7 different locations

Cite Soleil: Represents the slum population all over the world, from Port Au Prince, Haiti, to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Chang Cheng: Demonstrates living conditions all over Southeast Asia.

Stinkin' Creek: Simulates residences in Appalachia, USA.

El Municipio: A Central American government building.

Hue Hue Tanango: Based on a traditional Nicarauguan home.

Kyarakunda: Imitates African mud huts.

The Refugee Camp: Resembles the tent cities of refugees in all parts of the globe.

Hotels and their approximate cost and distance from HUT:

Holiday Inn Express and Suites$12016 miles; 25 minutes
Super 8$5716 miles; 25 minutes
Eco Lodge$6911.9 miles; 17 minutes
Ramada$8914 miles; 20 minutes


Directions to Camp Tahkodah
(5095 Camp Tahkodah Road, Floral, AR 72534)

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From Searcy, AR (45 miles, approx 1 hour):

Travel north on Hwy I67 from Searcy taking the Bald Knob exit - approximately 10 miles

Turn left at the light after exiting and go north on Hwy I67 toward Batesville for 17 miles

Turn left at Pleasant Plains onto Highway 87. (Left at the Exxon which is on the left)

Go straight at the stop sign after 300 yards

Turn right onto Camp Tahkodah Rd after 6 miles

Turn right into Camp Tahkodah after 3 miles

From Memphis (127 miles, approx 2 hours 37 minutes):

Travel from Memphis to West Memphis on Interstate 40 West

Take Interstate 55 North to Marion, take Exit 277 to US-Hwy 64 West

Continue on 64 West until you reach Bald Knob (approx. 82 miles)

Turn right onto Hwy I67 North toward Batesville for 17 miles

Turn left at Pleasant Plains onto Highway 87. (Left at the Exxon which is on the left)

Go straight at the stop sign after 300 yards

Turn right onto Camp Tahkodah Rd after 6 miles

Turn right into Camp Tahkodah after 3 miles

What to Bring


Bible, Notebook & Pen

Sleeping Bag & Pillow

Jacket (Be Prepared for Cold Weather and/or Rain)




Bathing Suit

Insect Repellent

Shoes for Rocky Paths


Towel and Washcloth

Toiletries (Toothbrush, Deodorant, Soap, Etc...) 

Note: Limit Clothes and Personal Items to One Bag.