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Join us for a Global Missions Experience

September 21-24, 2023

We thank everyone who participated in the Global Missions Experience 2023 for a wonderful experience. Missions-minded churches and Christian universities are invited to prayerfully consider hosting the next Global Missions Conference. If interested, please contact Shawn Daggett

Harding will tentatively plan to host the next GME in September of 2025. It will continue to be at Harding University Tahkodah (HUT) and Camp Tahkodah. It will be a three-day hands-on training in missions involving university students across the United States and missionaries from around the world.

Experience The Market

The GME Market Experience is an amazing opportunity to get a taste of daily life in many countries.

From haggling shopkeepers, to roadside musicians, to the noise of crowded streets, the GME market provides an overwhelming sensory experience.

In the market, GME participants will get to work together with a group of other missions-minded people to purchase, prepare and eat a meal as part of an exciting hands-on cultural opportunity.

Learning Stations

Get outside the classroom setting and experience missions! Camp Tahkodah and HUT provide excellent locations to participate in hands-on learning stations. You will:

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View the GME schedule pdf.

Participants will be divided into three large groups which will rotate through various activities during the day. Everyone will be together for meals and worship times. The following is a general schedule for the weekend:


4:00 pm Registration
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm

Andrew Brinley, "Overtaken by the Plowman" - Challenging a Tired World to Greater Global Vision
Amos 9:12-14

9:00 pm Campfires with Missionaries

Friday and Saturday

7:30 am Breakfast
8:20 am Childcare for ages 2-12 begins

8:30 am

Coleman Yoakum, "Preparing the Mission for a church in Exile”
Micah 6:8


Juan Meza, "Redemptive Mission”

10:00am Discovery Bible Study/Learning Stations/Market
12:00 pm Lunch / Child Pickup
1:00 pm Learning Stations/Classes/Discovery Bible Study / Childcare Begins Again
3:00 pm Market/Discovery Bible Study/Learning Stations
5:00 pm Dinner / Childcare ends
6:00 pm Solo Time
7:00 pm (Friday) Daniel Alavi, “God’s Scandalous Mercy”
Jonah 1:1-3
7:00 pm (Saturday) Adrian Ayers, “Dig It and Dung It”
Isaiah 5:1-2; Mark 4:1-9
9:00 pm Campfires with Missionaries


7:00 am Communion Service and Keynote
8:00 am To-Go Breakfast

The following classes are designed to help students of various majors better understand how they can use their talents and skills in the mission of God.

Ministry-Full Time Development Ministry Bible, Ministry & Missions Alan Howell Tent A
Creativity in God's Mission Art and Design Derek & Jennifer King Fri & Sat 1:00 Tent B
Serving as a Single Missionary All Majors Michelle Goff Tent C
Loving the Least of These (Caring for Children, Foster Care) Social Work, Childlife Andrew Baker Tent D
Campus Ministry All Majors Chris Buxton Tent E
Counting the Cost Business & Accounting Tim Jones Fri 1:00 & 2:00, Sat. 3:00 Tent F
The Love of Language, and the Language of Love Foreign Language Krist Bond Fri, Robert McCready Sat Tent H
Missions through the Art of Counseling Behavioral Sciences Shaun Dutile Tent I
Vocational Missions, Finding a Career to Support Yourself All Majors Phil Brown Tent J

Campfires are a special time at night set apart for interactions with missionaries from around the world. This year they will focus on sharing the gospel in various cultural contexts.

Campfires include:

Africa Fielden Allison 15-Kyarakunda
Asia Gary Jackson 11-Chang Cheng
Northeast (Church Planting) Shaun Dutile 1-Tahkodah 1 (central)
Latin America Juan Meza 8-El Municipio
Caribbean Adrian Ayers 10-City Soleil
Europe Shawn Daggett 6-Smith Amphitheater
Turkey Andrew Brinley 2- Tahkodah 2 (far side of Gym)
Third Culture Kids Sam Shewmaker 15-Kyarakunda (Friday)
Short-Term Missions for Long Term Good Danny Dod 18-Refugee Camp
Urban Communities Coleman Yoakum 13-Huehuetanango
Learning Stations
Alternative Energy Jim Coler
Art as Missions Jennifer & Derek King
Bee Keeping Brittney Jones
Bible Translation & Linguistics Nathan Davenport
Children's Ministry Mary Nelson
Coffee Shop Conversations, Sharing Faith Carl & Alicia Williamson
Disciple Making Carl & Alicia Williamson
Compressed Earth Block Keagan Johnson & HUT students
Healthcare Missions Kevin Linderman
Staying Healthy on a Mission Trip Jerry Myhan & Ronda Reely
Earth Bag Jerry Veatch
Language Learning Simulation Allen Diles & Tim Westbrook
Movie Making For Missions Brinson Davenport
Refugee Resettlement/Engagement Ken Graves
Permaculture HUT Staff
Rainwater Harvesting Karl McLarty
Sustainable Agriculture Heath LaFavers
Answering Skeptics Jesse Robertson
Clean Water - For Schools/Clinics James Strother
Clean Water - For Families or Mission Trips Julia O'Pry
How to Avoid Anxiety in a Cross-Cultural Context Chase Turner
Contextualization Matt Cook
Trash to Treasure Isabella Paul
How to Register

Fill out the Global Missions Form to register. After you have completed this information, please click on the link to Harding Tickets on the form to pay the registration fee.


GME registration includes meals, t-shirts (for the first 500 people who register!) and lodging (but bring your own bedding as well as tent and/or hammock).

Global Missions Experience: $60 per person

Harding University students: $35 per person

Display booths: $120

For more information about reserving a display booth or sponsoring the GME, email


GME is held at Harding University Tahkodah (HUT) and Camp Tahkodah.

Camp Tahkodah is the home of a fantastic 1,350 acre summer camp that is owned and operated by Harding University. With rustic cabins, a refreshing creek, beautiful bluffs, and wooded trails, Tahkodah provides the perfect setting to interact with likeminded believers, learn about God and His heart for the world, and spend time with the Creator in the midst of His beautiful creation. Learn more about Tahkodah.

Harding University Tahkodah (fondly called HUT) was founded in 2001 and is a training ground for students eager to serve the Lord in various capacities all over the world. HUT features housing representative of 7 ethnic groups worldwide, and continues to grow. HUT is used to prepare students for ministry to peoples living in poverty worldwide, and to help them gain a more global vision that will equip them to better participate in God’s mission for the world. Learn more about HUT.

The 7 different locations

Cite Soleil: Represents the slum population all over the world, from Port Au Prince, Haiti, to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Chang Cheng: Demonstrates living conditions all over Southeast Asia.

Stinkin' Creek: Simulates residences in Appalachia, USA.

El Municipio: A Central American government building.

Hue Hue Tanango: Based on a traditional Nicaraguan home.

Kyarakunda: Imitates African mud huts.

The Refugee Camp: Resembles the tent cities of refugees in all parts of the globe.


Approximate cost and distance from HUT

Holiday Inn Express & Suites TBD 16 miles; 25 minutes
Super 8 TBD 16 miles; 25 minutes
Eco Lodge TBD 12 miles; 17 minutes
Ramada TBD 14 miles; 20 minutes

Directions to Camp Tahkodah
(5095 Camp Tahkodah Road, Floral, AR 72534)

View Map


From Searcy, AR (45 miles, approx 1 hour):

Travel north on Hwy I67 from Searcy taking the Bald Knob exit - approximately 10 miles

Turn left at the light after exiting and go north on Hwy I67 toward Batesville for 17 miles

Turn left at Pleasant Plains onto Highway 87. (Left at the Exxon which is on the left)

Go straight at the stop sign after 300 yards

Turn right onto Camp Tahkodah Rd after 6 miles

Turn right into Camp Tahkodah after 3 miles


From Memphis (127 miles, approx 2 hours 37 minutes):

Travel from Memphis to West Memphis on Interstate 40 West

Take Interstate 55 North to Marion, take Exit 277 to US-Hwy 64 West

Continue on 64 West until you reach Bald Knob (approx. 82 miles)

Turn right onto Hwy I67 North toward Batesville for 17 miles

Turn left at Pleasant Plains onto Highway 87. (Left at the Exxon which is on the left)

Go straight at the stop sign after 300 yards

Turn right onto Camp Tahkodah Rd after 6 miles

Turn right into Camp Tahkodah after 3 miles

What to Bring
  • Tent
  • Bible, Notebook & Pen
  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow
  • Jacket (Be Prepared for Cold Weather and/or Rain)
  • Hat
  • Flashlight
  • Deodorant
  • Bathing Suit
  • Insect Repellent
  • Shoes for Rocky Paths
  • Camera
  • Towel and Washcloth
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, Deodorant, Soap, Etc...)

Note: Limit Clothes and Personal Items to one bag.

Transportation for Harding Students

A shuttle will be leaving from behind the McInteer Bible Building September 21 at 4:30 p.m. for those students needing a ride to Camp Tahkodah. To sign-up for the GME shuttle, please email:

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