97th Annual Bible Lectureship



Finding Hope In Troubled Times


A study of the book of Daniel
September 27 - 30, 2020

It was their darkest hour. God’s covenant people were experiencing more than a crisis – it was a full-blown catastrophe. Their kingdom had been crushed by the mighty Babylonian army. Jerusalem was destroyed. Most galling of all, their holy temple, which symbolized the dwelling place of God Himself, was burned by Nebuchadnezzar. And when he took the sacred temple furnishings and triumphantly carted them off as trophies for the treasure house of his own god in Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar was making an arrogant boast: “My god won, and yours lost!”

That’s why, when the best and the brightest of the young men of Judah were deported to far-away Babylon, it must have been spiritually disorienting. After all, they found themselves immersed in an alien culture: indoctrinated into a Babylonian worldview, given Babylonian names, expected to worship Babylonian gods. The promises of the Hebrew God suddenly seemed a distant memory, while the power of the Babylonian gods appeared overwhelming.

Yet out of that darkest of hours shines one of the brightest beams of hope – the story of Daniel and his companions provides one of the greatest examples of faithfulness in fearful times. Their steadfastness was rewarded again and again, as God rescued them from a fiery furnace and a lions’ den. Not only that, the book of Daniel goes on to reveal a breathtaking prophetic message: “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed” (2:44), an “eternal kingdom” (4:3, 5:34, 7:14, 7:18).

God’s people today likewise live in troubled times, as we find ourselves in an increasingly alien culture. Headlines proclaim the decline of faith. Enemies of Christianity are growing more and more aggressive. Our government is unsettled, and our society is in a downward spiral. In these darkening days we need to hear anew the message of the book of Daniel:

      “There is a God in heaven” (2:28)
      “The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men” (4:17, 4:32, 5:21)

With the 2020 Harding Bible Lectureship we affirm that our God is still in heaven, and He is still sovereign over history! May that confidence allow us, like Daniel, to live faithfully in fearful times.

-Dan Williams, Lectureship Director

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2020 Keynote Speakers

The Office of Church Relations and the Lectureship Committee are working diligently to create another great program for the 97th Annual Bible Lectureship for 2020. Please keep checking back for updates.

Young Minister Network

The Office of Church Relations and the Lectureship Committee are working diligently to create another great program for the 97th Annual Bible Lectureship for 2020. Please keep checking back for updates.

Shepherding Workshop

The Office of Church Relations and the Lectureship Committee are working diligently to create another great program for the 97th Annual Bible Lectureship for 2020. Please keep checking back for updates.

Youth and Family Track

The Office of Church Relations and the Lectureship Committee are working diligently to create another great program for the 97th Annual Bible Lectureship for 2020. Please keep checking back for updates.

Women's Ministry

The Office of Church Relations and the Lectureship Committee are working diligently to create another great program for the 97th Annual Bible Lectureship for 2020. Please keep checking back for updates.

2020 Registration

Pre-registration for the 2020 Lectureship will open up in January.


Bring Your Children to Lectureship

"We were so thankful for the childcare program, and our four children enjoyed their time there. We were pleased that our kids participated in Bible time, outdoor play, and indoor activities. The regular text message updates from childcare providers helped with our peace of mind, and we were pleasantly surprised that they were already equipped to accommodate our daughter's dietary restrictions. We had a very positive experience with the childcare and are planning to use their services again." -Christopher and Ashley Wiles (Central Church of Christ, Sparta, Tennessee)


We offer childcare for preschool and young school-aged children at Lectureship. No pre-registration is required and there is no fee. Snacks, activities and dinner are provided.

Childcare is offered at the College Church of Christ, located conveniently across Race Avenue from the Heritage Inn, a short walking distance from the Lectureship venues.

Operational Hours:

Sunday evening:   6pm - 8:30pm

Monday - Wednesday:   8am - noon, 1:30pm - 8:30pm

What People Are Saying About the 2019 Lectureship...

“Congratulations on a fantastic and convicting start to this year’s lectureship. I am a freshman and must say I was blown away.” – College Student


“Please continue the childcare! It was such a blessing.” – Stay at home mom


“Lectureship was a needed, refreshing experience for my wife and I. The Young Minister's Networking classes were excellent. It is always refreshing to sit back at the feet of professors that I hold in such high respect.” – Preacher


“It was one of the most meaningful, hopeful, and spiritually filling lectureships we have attended in the past 10 years. I was not going to attend the LGBTQ presentations, but as a shepherd I felt called to be there.  It was a challenging presentation, but very well handled and scripturally sound.” –Elder


“Lectureship was uplifting, encouraging, and informative with knowledgeable presenters who were able to connect with their topics and listeners. The keynote on Monday morning with Scott Adair was incredible. He is always able to present basic information from a different perspective, and he provided useful tools to carry home. The Preacher's Workshop was also very valuable; it was organized well, and the speaker also provided valuable tools and insightful wisdom into the presentation of the book of Acts.” – Young Church Member


“The Young Minister’s Network is such a great idea. Thank you for creating it!” – Minister’s wife
“The Lectureship was a very positive experience and was a refreshing time for my spiritual health. I attended with two ministers from my local church, neither one of us had previously attended at Harding University.” –Shepherd


“The Lectureship was exciting and showed a great effort to diversify in terms of the speakers.  The spirit was excellent.” – Elder


“I was refreshed and filled by the atmosphere in the whole event.” –Preacher
“Absolutely amazing! The Young Minister’s Network was exactly what I needed.” – Minister


“It is a solid lectureship that does not veer to extremes” – Church member


“It's not only become a family tradition, but a way of nourishing my soul each year and enlightening me on how to deal with sensitive issues in the church.” – Elder


“The Lectureship was helpful, motivational, and practical. I really appreciated the Young Ministers' Track. Please make this an annual track.” – Minister


“Keep Dr. Dan Williams as Lectureship Director!  He was on top of things and took time more than once to warmly interact with us, in spite of demands.” – Christian lady


“I pray that the Young Ministers Network grows in future years. I really enjoyed this and it was very helpful for me. Maybe the Young Ministers Network could be partnered with Harding throughout the year, as well as at lectureship. I think a Facebook page could be one simple way to keep an active lifeline between all the young ministers.” – Minister


“My experience was informative and encouraging. I enjoyed the Young Minister’s Network lectures/events. Continue, in some form, the YMN through lectures or other events.” – Minister

Note from Dan Williams, Lectureship Director: Having overflowing classrooms is a good problem, but we recognize it IS a problem. We are hard at work on next year’s schedule in order to address this challenge.

Exhibitor / Vendor Information

Reservations for Lectureship 2020 exhibit areas

2020 Exhibitor Slide Information:

For those exhibitors who are eligible to have a slide shown during Lectureship 2020, your slide is due September 1st. The slide should be in a 16:9 PowerPoint format. For any questions, please contact our office at lectureship@harding.edu.

On Wednesday, September 30th, we will begin accepting exhibit reservations for Lectureship 2021 (September 26 - September 29, 2021). Please complete the form below and submit with payment on or after September 30, 2020 to secure your exhibit reservation for next year. Payment methods accepted include a check or credit card. (Registration must be completed below, but payment by credit card is also accepted by phone at 501-279-4449.) Exhibit areas will fill up quickly so early application is encouraged.

Exhibit fees for 2020:
$150 per exhibit table in the McInteer Rotunda and Student Center
$75 per exhibit table in the Benson Lobby.
$20 for ad in advertisement slide (Optional add on)

NOTE: There is a max limit of two tables

Please check out Exhibitor Instructions for additional information.

Exhibitor Information and Registration Form - 2020



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