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    We are thrilled to have your join our Harding family.

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    Learn more about the on-campus resources available to your students.

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    We are dedicated to encouraging an enjoyable and productive campus life.

How to Apply for Harding

We are thrilled at the prospect of having you and your student join the Harding family.

Application for student admission
Transcript and test scores
Scholarships and financial aid
Student housing form

Student Success

Our University College is an all-inclusive center with the following resources:
First Year Experience

First Generation Student Mentoring
Professional Counseling

Watch Chapel

We welcome you to the most special 35 minutes of our day at 9 and 10 a.m. in the Benson Auditorium. Join your student in chapel every day by watching it on our live stream! 

Financial Aid

The decision to invest in a quality education is one of the most important decisions families will make, and we know that financial aid is a significant factor. You can also participate in a prepaid tuition program.

Campus Safety

We are committed to the safety of every student on campus, including yours. Our staff includes officers with law enforcement or security experience and good relationships with local police, fire, and EMS.

Visit Campus

Visiting campus is the best way to experience what life will be like for your student. Contact your student's admissions advisor to set up a personalized visit day or sign up for one of our pre-organized visit days.

Campus Map

Let us help you find the best route to campus, the best places to park and the center of all the action. Become familiar with campus and find your way around using our campus map.

Visit Students

Visit your student on campus to experience what their life is like here. Whether you come for Homecoming, Graduation or Spring Sing, we welcome you! Follow the Harding calendar as you plan your visit.