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    Learn more about the on-campus resources available to your students.

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    We are thrilled to have your student join our Harding family.

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    We are dedicated to encouraging an enjoyable and productive campus life.

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    We advocate for you by offering support, resources and events that enhance the Harding experience for you and your student.

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    We celebrate your students' accomplishments with you.

Harding alumni, parents and friends are literally all over the world. You and your student are now part of this wonderful network, and we are excited for you! Life at Harding is rich in tradition, and our greatest strength is cultivating friendships that will last for eternity. Your student’s energy and passion will continue to inspire our community and make Harding better by being here.

Office of Alumni & Parents Relations

The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations serves as an advocate for Harding students’ family members by offering support, resources and events that enhance the Harding experience for you and your student and strengthen bonds with the Harding community. We work closely with the deans in the Office of Student Life and are always willing to assist in finding resources or lending an ear. Many of you live far away. When you can’t be here, we are prepared to stand in the gap for you and provide peace of mind that your student is loved and cared for. When needed, the Office of Alumni & Parent Relations will provide presence, advice and encouragement. We also will assist or direct you to the right person or department. Open communication is the best foundation for our families and students. You are vital members in the Harding family and play a key role in your student’s success and persistence in pursuit of their Harding education. We encourage you to stay connected through events and emails and get involved! Thank you for choosing Harding.

Join the Parent Network

The Harding University Parent Network is designed to engage parents and grandparents, enrich student experiences and strengthen Harding’s financial foundation with meaningful opportunities for involvement. Join the Email List

As an ambassador, you encourage students to choose Harding, welcome new families, assist with recruitment, host receptions and invite others to join. Strategic advisers solicit input to strengthen Harding’s academic and co-curricular programs. Parent partners financially support the mission of Harding and inspire others to give. Parents in Prayer commit to a time daily to pray for students. Women for Harding network with other women to support scholarships and other projects.

Contact Us

The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations

800-477-4312, ext. 1



Join HardingNETWORK, at alumni.harding.edu! Look for the Parent Network group to connect with other veteran and new parents around the world or in your hometown as you support your students and their Harding experience. The Parent Network group is a great place to ask questions, find support and network.

Visit Campus

Visiting campus is the best way to experience what life will be like for your student. Contact your student's admissions advisor to set up a personalized visit day or sign up for one of our pre-organized visit days.

Campus Map

Let us help you find the best route to campus, the best places to park and the center of all the action. Become familiar with campus and find your way around using our campus map.

Visit Students

Visit your student on campus to experience what life is like here. Whether you come for Homecoming, commencement or Spring Sing, we welcome you! Follow the Harding calendar as you plan your visit.