Rental Property

Harding has six apartment complexes that are available to Harding University student families or single individuals eligible for off-campus housing. These apartment complexes offer the opportunity to enjoy apartment living with the convenience of being close to campus. Convenience and affordability are just two of the reasons that should be considered in making the move to one of Harding's complexes. All apartments have semester leases. No tobacco of any kind or alcoholic beverages are permitted in or around the apartments. For more information about the apartments, please contact us at, or 501-279-5268 or 501-279-4367. Monthly rental costs are approximate because charges are figured on a per day basis and posted from the day occupants take possession of the apartment through the month the term ends in.


Legacy Park

Legacy Aprt.Legacy Park is Harding University's newest apartment complex. The apartments are built in an urban town concept. There are 28 separate buildings, each with its own distinctive look and exterior color scheme. These are conveniently located on the west side of campus. One-bedroom units are approximately 900 square feet with 1 bath. Rent includes internet service and water/sewage/garbage fees. Occupants are responsible for the electricity and gas charges. Each apartment is equipped with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and stackable washer and dryer. There are a limited number of furnished units; otherwise, they are unfurnished. There is a semester lease. A Starbucks and community room are on the first floor of one of the buildings.


Legacy Park Apt. MonthlyDaily
1 Bedroom(unfurnished)$816$26.82
1 Bedroom(furnished)$878$28.86
2 Bedroom(unfurnished)$948$31.16
2 Bedroom(furnished)$1010$33.20
3 Bedroom(furnished)$1143$37.57

Note: only one furnished 3 bedroom unit is available 

Village Apartments

Village Aprt.These energy-efficient, two-bedroom apartments are located at the corner of Benton Street and Park Avenue (approximately one mile from campus). Flat units have one bath, and town houses have one and one-half baths. These apartments are complete with dishwasher, garbage disposal, 2 ceiling fans and washer/dryer hookups. Internet service and water/sewage/garbage fees are included in the rental cost. There are furnished and unfurnished units. Occupants are responsible for the electricity and gas charges.

Village Apt. MonthlyDaily
Flats - 2 Bedroom(unfurnished)$723$23.76
Flats - 2 Bedroom(furnished)$786$25.83
Townhouse - 2 Bedroom(unfurnished)$771$25.34
Townhouse - 2 Bedroom(furnished)$844$27.74

Floor Plans for Village


Center Place Apartments

Center Aprt.

Located on East Center Street, these apartments are directly across the street from Searcy Hall. There are furnished and unfurnished apartments. Rent includes water/sewage/garbage but no other utilities.

Center Place Apt. MonthlyDaily
1 Bedroom(unfurnished)$421$13.84
1 Bedroom(furnished)$470$15.45
2 Bedroom(unfurnished)$520$17.09
2 Bedroom(furnished)$564$18.54

Floor Plans for Center Place


Stafford Apartments

Stafford Aprt.These apartments are located approximately 3/4 mile east of campus across Park Avenue from Harding Academy Elementary School. The complex is made up of a variety of one- and two-bedroom apartments and townhouses. There are furnished and unfurnished units. Rent includes water/sewage/garbage but no other utilities.


Stafford Apt. MonthlyDaily
1 Bedroom(unfurnished)$433$14.23
1 Bedroom(furnished)$470$15.45
2 Bedroom(unfurnished)$520$17.09
2 Bedroom(furnished)$578$19.00
Townhouse 2 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath(unfurnished)$622$20.44
Townhouse 2 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath(furnished)$652$21.43
Townhouse 2 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, w/Carport(unfurnished)$671$22.06
Townhouse 2 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath, w/Carport(furnished)$724$23.80
Duplex 2 bdrm, 2 bath(unfurnished)$672$22.09
Duplex 2 bdrm, 2 bath(furnished)$700$23.01

Floor Plans for Stafford


Pleasure Oak Apartments

Pleasure Oak Aprt.

These apartments are located approximately 3/4 mile west of campus on East Pleasure Avenue. These are one-bedroom units available either furnished or unfurnished. The bedroom and bathroom are upstairs, and the living area and kitchen are downstairs. Rent includes water/sewage/garbage but no other utilities.


Pleasure Oak Apt. MonthlyDaily
1 Bedroom(unfurnished)$383$12.59
1 Bedroom(furnished)$428$14.07

Floor Plans for Pleasure Oak


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Rental Property

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