Summer School

What you should know about Intersession/Summer School

1.  Maximum course loads (No exceptions)

Intersession3 hours
Summer I6 hours
Summer II6 hours
Summer 1A/1B/2A/2B3 hours
Total Maximum16 hours

Six (6) credit hours is the maximum enrollment allowed during Summer I and II without approval of the Provost Office. With approval, seven (7) hours may be taken. Under no circumstances may a student take more than seven (7) hours in Summer I and II.

2. Bible Classes

Students who take a 2 or 3-hour Bible class in the summer may count that towards the 8-semester requirement for a future Bible exemption. Please see the HU catalog for the full policy on Bible courses.

3. Dropping Summer Classes

Students may drop classes prior to the start date on Pipeline; however, YOU MUST NOTIFY THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE to have all your classes dropped.  You cannot drop all courses online.

4. Tuition for Intersession and Summer classes are the same as for fall and spring classes.

5. The cafeteria is open during intersession and summer.

6. Need a dorm room for intersession and/or summer? Contact Ms. Kathy Allen ( for details and pricing.

7. The Harding Univeristy dress code is in effect throughout the summer.

Class Meeting Times Guidelines

(all classes meet daily)

(2 weeks)
1st Summer
(4 weeks)
2nd Summer
(4 weeks)
1st Summer
(2 weeks A & B)
2nd Summer
(2 weeks A & B)
3hr Class1:00-5:1510:30-12:3010:30-12:301:00-5:151:00-5:15

2hr Class1:00-3:4510:30-11:4510:30-11:451:00-3:451:00-3:45

 8:00-9:15  8:00-9:158:00-9:15
1hr Class10:30-11:45NONENONE10:30-11:4510:30-11:45
 1:00-2:15  1:00-2:151:00-2:15

Note: 4 credit hour lecture classes in Summer I & II will add 35 minutes to the daily meeting time.
Note: 4 credit hour classes with a lab in Summer I & II will meet from 8:00-10:00 daily for lecture and 1:00-4:00 daily for lab or a similar combination over the 4 week session.

Faculty Need to Know

To Faculty

NOTE: Confirmation is not accomplished online (Pipeline) for summer terms. Your cooperation is absolutely necessary in order to help confirm the registration of your students.


1. For the first two days of class, teachers MUST take attendance. Nonattendees are to be reported on the second day after class to the registrar’s office at THESE STUDENTS WILL BE  DELETED FROM YOUR ROSTER. Your cooperation is required and appreciated.  Please copy to

2. For the first two days of class, teachers will encourage nonregistered students who are attending class to register. If an attending student is not registered by the beginning of the third class day, dismiss them from class and have the student complete registration at the Registrar’s Office.  Do not allow any student to attend class on the third day or later without being properly registered.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Students enrolled in online courses must access the course on Canvas or make contact with their teachers via email by the third day of class. Teachers should request an "echo" reply from their online students to verify their intention to engage the course. Non-replying students should be reported to to be dropped from your rosters.

4. Final exams will be given on the last day of the term. Please do not ask for exceptions. Contact the registrar’s office for last days to add/drop courses during any of the summer terms.

5. Please make yourself available to your department for Summer Stampede – but not at the expense of dismissing your class. Our primary responsibility is to our current students.

6. ALL payroll questions should be addressed to Jake Brownfield at ext. 4335. DO NOT CALL PAYROLL – THEY CANNOT HELP YOU!