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    Computer Science

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    Computer Science
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    Computer Science
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    Computer Science

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to:

  1. Prepare students for participation in all phases of software development;
  2. Provide a foundation of fundamental concepts which will accommodate emerging technologies;
  3. Promote the university's overall mission of integrating faith, learning and living.

We offer degrees in Computer Science and Software Development, which prepare students for placement in the following positions:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Programmer/Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Graduate studies in Computer Science

We also offer degrees in Cybersecurity (in partnership with the Information Systems Department) and Data Science (in partnership with the Math Department).

You may browse the courses we offer, learn about our Faculty, and see the Awards & Honors our students have earned. Additional information can be obtained from Dr. Tim Baird. Admission information is available from Harding University Admissions.

Fall 2023 Computer Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in Science room 113. All Friday seminars are at 7:00 am; seminars on other days are at 4:00 pm unless posted otherwise. All are welcome!

Thu, Sep 28 Kerry Jenkins
Courtney Campbell
Jeremy Campbell
ArcBest Technologies
The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely
Fri, Sep 29 Brody Caudill
Isaac Hardy
The Scala Language
The Angular Framework
Thu, Oct 12 Tracy Marshall
Northrop Grumman
Continuous Integration
Fri, Oct 13 Tony Thompson
Lawson Neal
Technology Addiction
Machine Learning in Graphical Upscaling
Fri, Oct 20 Joel Hoppe
John Aldrich
Using the Signal Protocol for Secure Messaging
Code Profiling as a General Tool
Thu, Oct 26 David Mohundro
Having Fun with Slack, Websockets, and Speakers
Fri, Oct 27 Tiag Campney
Collin Brock
Packet Hacking
Cassandra No-SQL Database
Fri, Nov 3 Ricard Jove
Fernando Vides
The Rust Programming Language
Building Intelligent Chatbots
Fri, Nov 3
Keith Perry
Senior Vice President and CIO
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Technology as a Tool to Improve Medicine
Fri, Nov 10 Anna Grace Haley
Chloe Dalrymple
Tableau: A Data Visualization Tool
Benefits and Uses of the Panda Data Frame
Fri, Nov 17 Kennady Rogers
Garrett Harr
TensorFlow and Time Series Forecasting
The Newly Enhanced Godot Game Engine
Fri, Dec 1 Duilio Rosciano
Samuel Wade
Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption Algorithms
Generative AI to Assist Software Developers
  • The Emlaw siblings have a common touch point: a love of computer science where logic and creativity merge to solve problems and intricate puzzles.

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  • Harding began its computer science degree in 1982, and in 1994, the degree became its own department and Baird became the chair, a title he still holds almost 30 years later.

    Dr. Tim Baird,
    Chairman and Professor of Computer Science

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