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Accelerated Minor

The minor in Leadership and Innovation is available to students from any academic department and can be used for an accelerated completion of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. Students approved for this interdisciplinary minor will complete 6 hours of undergrad coursework and 12 hours of graduate-level coursework from an approved list of courses (see below). The 12 hours of graduate coursework can be applied to the MAOL after a student graduates with his or her undergraduate degree. Successful completion of the minor with a 3.0 GPA or higher will grant the student automatic admission to the MAOL program.

Students interested in this accelerated minor in Leadership and Innovation must have a successful track record in their previous coursework, hold a minimum of 3.0 GPA, and be comfortable taking online courses.

To choose this minor, a student must have successfully completed 45 credit hours with at least a 3.0 GPA. At that point, the student should submit an inquiry email to the MAOL director at and copy their undergraduate academic advisor.

Course Information

When a student is approved, he or she can take six undergraduate hours for the minor chosen from the approved list of courses. Those courses are:

  • ANTH 2500 - Anthropology Credit Hours: 3
  • BMIN 2080 - Foundations for Ministry Credit Hours: 3
  • BMIN 3010 - Christian Counseling Credit Hours: 3
  • BMIN 3020 - Leadership Strategies Credit Hours: 3
  • COMM 3620 - Small Group and Organizational Communication Credit Hours: 3
  • COMM 3630 - Argumentation and Persuasion Credit Hours: 3
  • COMM 3650 - Interpersonal Communication Credit Hours: 3
  • EDFD 4400 - Education Law and Ethics Credit Hours: 3
  • ENG 3000 - Advanced Composition Credit Hours: 3
  • ENG 3100 - Business and Professional Writing Credit Hours: 3
  • ENG 3220 - Foundations of English Grammar Credit Hours: 3
  • ENG 3950 - Professional Editing Credit Hours: 3
  • ENTR 3750 - Family Business Management Credit Hours: 3
  • FCS 2400/2400L - Family Resource Management Credit Hours: 3
  • MGT 3680 - Management and Organizational Behavior Credit Hours: 3
  • PRS 3360 - Principles of Sales Credit Hours: 3
  • PRS 3710 - Relationship Strategies Credit Hours: 3

Please note that students are allowed to use any of these undergraduate classes for more than one requirement. For example, students can take two Bible classes for the minor and also apply them to their Bible class requirements. Likewise, they can use the English classes for the minor and for their liberal studies requirements.

The remaining 12 hours for the minor can be taken when the undergraduate has completed 75 credit hours. Academic rigor and high expectations will be the same for both undergrads and graduate students in their courses. The 12 hours will apply dually to the minor and to the Master of Arts. Those 12 hours will be fulfilled by these courses:

Required Graduate Courses: 6 hours

  • LEAD 6101 - Personal Leadership Development Credit Hours: 3
  • LEAD 6102 - Organizational Communications Credit Hours: 3

6 graduate hours chosen from:

  • LEAD 6103 - Leadership Theory and Practice Credit Hours: 3
  • LEAD 6104 - Leading Change and Innovation Credit Hours: 3
  • LEAD 6105 - Negotiation Skills Credit Hours: 3
  • LEAD 6106 - Team Building and Dynamics Credit Hours: 3

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