Computer Science Department

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to:

  1. Prepare students for participation in all phases of software development;
  2. Provide a foundation of fundamental concepts which will accommodate emerging technologies;
  3. Promote the university's overall mission of integrating faith, learning and living.

We offer degrees in Computer Science and Software Development, which prepare students for placement in the following positions:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Programmer/Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Graduate studies in Computer Science

You may browse the courses we offer, learn about our faculty, and see the awards and honors our students have earned. Additional information can be obtained from Dr. Tim Baird. Admission information is available from Harding University Admissions.

Upcoming Events

Fall 2017 Computing Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in Science room 113. All Friday seminars are at 7:00 am; seminars on Thursdays are at 4:00 pm unless posted otherwise. All are welcome!

Thu, Sep 21Logan McLain (ArcBest)
UX Design Process
Fri, Sep 22Tyler Cox
Stephen Hoffmann
Ruby on Rails
Improving API Usability
Thu, Sep 28Chad Hale (Acxiom)A Day in the Life of a Release and Deployment Engineer
Fri, Sep 29Jake Black
Samuel Cobb
Optical Character Recognition
Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain Design
Fri, Oct 6Nathan Burner
Curtis Wilson
Quantum Cryptography
The Kotlin Programming Language
Fri, Oct 20Heather Anderson
Joshua Wertz
Unreal Engine 4
Apache Cordova
Fri, Oct 27Luke Uebelein
John Michael Eaton
Legacy Code Migration
Fri, Nov 3Jeffrey Gasvoda
Matthew Sorrell
Thu, Nov 9Dr. Gabriel FoustConstructing a Compiler
Fri, Nov 10Connor Phillips
Jose Gonzalez
Detecting Software Plagiarism
Direct3D and the Graphics Pipeline
Fri, Nov 17Nikolas Mikolaski
Jim Johnson
Machine Learning to Automate Stock Trading Analysis and Trading
Amazon Web Services
Fri, Dec 1Mack Peters
Lauren Ragland
Global Image Geolocalization
Rendering 3D Scenes with Path Tracing Algorithms