Computer Science Department
  • This is a photo from a computer science class at Harding University.

    Computer Science

  • This photo was taken in the Harding University computer science department.

    Computer Science

  • This photo was taken in the Harding University computer science department.

    Computer Science

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to:

  1. Prepare students for participation in all phases of software development;
  2. Provide a foundation of fundamental concepts which will accommodate emerging technologies;
  3. Promote the university's overall mission of integrating faith, learning and living.

We offer degrees in Computer Science and Software Development, which prepare students for placement in the following positions:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Programmer/Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Graduate studies in Computer Science

In partnership with the Information Systems Department, we also offer a degree in Cybersecurity.

B.A. in computer science-MSIS is an accelerated dual degree offered to computer science students who have completed 90 hours of undergraduate coursework with a 3.0 GPA. The result is the completion of a B.A. in computer science and a M.S. in information systems in five years or less.

You may browse the courses we offer, learn about our faculty, and see the awards and honors our students have earned. Additional information can be obtained from Dr. Tim Baird. Admission information is available from Harding University Admissions.

  • Harding began its computer science degree in 1982, and in 1994, the degree became its own department and Baird became the chair, a title he still holds almost 30 years later.

    Dr. Tim Baird ,
    Chairman and Professor of Computer Science

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Upcoming Events: Spring 2021 Computer Seminar Schedule

Upcoming Events: Spring 2021 Computing Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in McInteer room 150. All Friday seminars are at 7:00 am; seminars on Thursdays are at 4:00 pm unless posted otherwise. All are welcome!

Fri, Feb 26Cam Cohu
Andrew Mock
Rollback Networking in Peer-to-Peer Video Games
Bioinformatic Tools in the CRISPR-Cas System
Thu, Mar 4David Mohundro
Clear Function Inc.
Cloud Computing
Fri, Mar 5Gus McCoy
Javan Yeager
Microservices with the Spring Boot Framework
Agile Development and Devops Using Azure Boards
Fri, Mar 19Jon Curnutt
Charles Yan
The MUMPS Programming Language
Text Classification
Fri, Mar 26Bryce Wiedower
Loki Wu
Applications of the ELO Rating System
GPS Spoofing
Fri, Apr 2Derrick Courtney
Jake Osborne
Building a LISP Interpreter in Kotlin
Process Profiling with Flame Graph Visualization
Fri, Apr 9Spencer Hill
Carson Strother
VPNs Under the Hood
Optical Computing
Fri, Apr 16Adriana Walls
Kevin Wang
Encoder-Decoder Models for NLP
The Aho-Corasick Algorithm