Computer Science Department
  • This is a photo from a computer science class at Harding University.

    Computer Science

  • This photo was taken in the Harding University computer science department.

    Computer Science

  • This photo was taken in the Harding University computer science department.

    Computer Science

The mission of the Computer Science Department is to:

  1. Prepare students for participation in all phases of software development;
  2. Provide a foundation of fundamental concepts which will accommodate emerging technologies;
  3. Promote the university's overall mission of integrating faith, learning and living.

We offer degrees in Computer Science and Software Development, which prepare students for placement in the following positions:

  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Programmer/Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Graduate studies in Computer Science

We also offer degrees in Cybersecurity (in partnership with the Information Systems Department) and Data Science (in partnership with the Math Department).

B.A. in computer science-MSIS is an accelerated dual degree offered to computer science students who have completed 90 hours of undergraduate coursework with a 3.0 GPA. The result is the completion of a B.A. in computer science and a M.S. in information systems in five years or less.

You may browse the courses we offer, learn about our faculty, and see the awards and honors our students have earned. Additional information can be obtained from Dr. Tim Baird. Admission information is available from Harding University Admissions.

  • Harding began its computer science degree in 1982, and in 1994, the degree became its own department and Baird became the chair, a title he still holds almost 30 years later.

    Dr. Tim Baird ,
    Chairman and Professor of Computer Science

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Upcoming Events: Spring 2021 Computer Seminar Schedule

Upcoming Events: Fall 2021 Computing Seminar Schedule

Seminars are held in Science room 113. All Friday seminars are at 7:00 am; seminars on Thursdays are at 4:00 pm unless posted otherwise. All are welcome!

Thu, Sep 23Kerry Jenkins
Communication for the Software Engineer
Fri, Sep 24Lauren Moody
Konrad Heyen
The Godot Game Engine
Augmented Reality for iOS
Fri, Oct 8Grayson Piershale
Johnathan Tucker
The Jai Programming Language for Game Dev
Fri, Oct 15Andrea Martinez
Noel Bafford
The Random Forest Algorithm
The COBOL Language
Thu, Oct 21Neil Chilson
Charles Koch Institute
Fri, Oct 22Wade Lamberson
Jair Lopez
Quantum Computing
Thu, Oct 28Hallie Martin
Dr. Frank McCown
Bias in Machine Learning
Android App Development with Kotlin
Fri, Oct 29Laura Ashburn
Cooper Richardson
Correction of Radial Distortions
The Vue.js Framework
Fri, Nov 5Easton Pillay
Stanley Huff
Zero Trust Networking
The Julia Programming Language
Tue, Nov 9
Sci 181
Dr. Kris Kyle
University of Oregon
Using NLP and Multivariate Models to Investigate Language Variation
Fri, Nov 12Jon-Michael Fields (Harding alumnus)
Greg Blodgett
The Transition from Harding to My First Job
Distributed Databases
Fri, Nov 19Denilson Lemus
Casey Whitener
Progressive Web Apps
Brain Control Interfaces
Fri, Dec 3Sargent Erwin
Campbell Walters
Inside the JPG File Compaction Algorithm
Web Components