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Studying abroad provides an opportunity to transform the way you view yourself, your faith, your neighbor and the world we share. Embarking on a journey of discovery alongside Harding students and faculty will provide endless opportunities for community, experiential learning, service and adventure. A semester abroad provides the ideal environment to develop confidence as you experience unique places and cultures. Students who study abroad gain skills in critical thinking and cultural literacy that will provide lifelong benefits as they pursue their educational and professional goals.

Harding offers semester-long study abroad programs in Italy, Greece, Europe, Latin America, Zambia and Australasia. Each program travels extensively during the semester and opportunities for additional independent travel may be available. Shorter summer programs focusing on business, education, biochemistry, art & design, athletic training and music are also available. When you communicate with your academic advisor, please inform them of your interest in studying abroad. All semester-long programs are open to students of any major and your advisor can help you find the best fit for a semester abroad in your degree plan.

Applications for Harding's International Programs are accepted at any time from prospective participants. Applications are accepted from students of Harding University and other institutions of higher learning. At the time of participation, students must have completed a minimum of 27 semester hours with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Students who are accepted for the program must meet the same standards and abide by the same rules as those of the Searcy campus. No student on probation at Harding University or another campus will be accepted.

Students accepted into our International Program will be provided a handbook with useful information on obtaining a passport, courses offered, a calendar for the semester and other pertinent topics to prepare them for the experience.

When to Apply

Many students apply for a study abroad program during the summer before their freshman year. Because some programs develop long waiting lists, students are advised to apply as soon as they make a decision. Most of our programs are limited to 35-40 students. Applications for all programs are accepted at any time from prospective participants, and we encourage you to contact us for information regarding availability.

Most students study abroad during their sophomore year, though juniors and seniors are also welcome to participate. If you are considering studying abroad, we recommend that you visit with your academic advisor for assistance in including a study abroad program in your degree plan and reserving Liberal Arts courses typically offered overseas for your future study abroad semester. Before studying abroad, students must have earned 27 semester hours, with a 2.0 GPA minimum. Refer to the course schedules on the Programs page for more details.

We welcome students from all universities to apply. Students from other universities must first apply to Harding University as a "transient" student with the Admissions office. Harding students, as well as students from other universities, are expected to meet all eligibility requirements which include a 2.0 GPA, 27 semester hours at the time of the program and to be free from academic or disciplinary probation.

Academic Information

Students are accompanied and taught by Harding University faculty and staff. A combination of courses is offered to maximize the site chosen for the program. All semesters abroad offer a full semester of academic credit.

Liberal Arts courses are offered at all of our study abroad programs. These are courses that every Harding student must complete, regardless of their major. With careful academic planning, all majors can study abroad at any of the six, semester-long study abroad programs. Independent study and guided research courses may be approved by various departments for students needing them.

Students must enroll in and maintain at least 12 credit hours throughout the semester. Students will be charged additional tuition for hours in excess of 12 hours. Please meet with your academic advisor and refer to the course schedule on the Programs page for assistance in including a study abroad program in your degree plan. If you are interested in a future semester that is not currently specified, view the Standard Course Offerings document. Courses listed on this document are the basic academic core of the program.

Cost and Funding

The University seeks to offer study abroad opportunities to students at the lowest possible cost. Study abroad fees include round-trip airfare from your home city, housing, food, sponsored travel and excursions throughout the program. A $500 application fee is required at the time of application and will be charged to your student Business Office account. All full-semester programs are priced identically. Refer to the cost sheet on the Program pages for payment due dates and amounts.

Most grants, loans and scholarships may be used to pay for your semester abroad. We recommend you visit with Mrs. Angie Shafer, the International Programs Accounts Manager, ashafer@harding.edu to discuss resources that may be available to you and for guidance regarding how your specific scholarships and financial aid will factor into the cost of your program.

Listed below are additional scholarship and loan resources worth exploring that may be available for students who qualify:

Eligible students may have the opportunity to work on the HUF and HUG campuses to help with some of the general cleaning, serving of the meals, and other duties as assigned. Resident Assistants are chosen each semester for some campuses. If you wish to apply, applications are available for enrolled study abroad students.

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