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Honors College Abroad is a Winter Study Abroad Program in Europe 

The Honors College is pleased to invite you to attend an international program in Greece, from December 26 to January 6, prior to the beginning of the spring 2024 semester. Students will live in the Artemis (the name of the HUG campus) in the Mediterranean beach town of Porto Rafti and explore Athens while earning three hours of Honors credit. You'll visit the Parthenon, Mars Hill, Greek Temples, the Acrocorinth, eat delicious Greek meals and ring in the New Year with new friends. The course description is below. The three-hour course will count as an elective in your major and toward the requirements for graduating from the Honors College.

HNRS 4750 - Selected Topics (3 credits) Migration in the Ancient World: From the Exodus to Today

"Civilized society" is usually marked by the planting of crops, the domestication of animals, and the building of cities. But human civilization has been frequently punctuated with profound moments when groups of people leave one place and move to another. Those movements and the people within them have transformed history just as much — if not more — than even the most famous cities in the world. What compels someone to move? How did they decide where to stay? What did the local people think when foreign people came to their lands? Did ancient people groups move for the same reasons people do today? Join us for a new Master Class as we ask these questions and try to understand the need, the want, and the resistance to migration in the ancient Near East. Course Prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in the Honors College.

Program Cost: $2,500. Program cost includes flight, local transportation, accommodations, entry to all sites and all meals. Three hours of tuition is not included and will be charged in the spring 2024 semester. $500 due at time of application. The application fee will remain refundable through October 1, 2023. The remaining $2,000 balance may be paid using spring 2024 financial aid.

For more information, contact Dr. Jim Miller at or call 501-279-4529.

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