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Summer Undergraduate Research in Florence (SURF)

Earn six biochemistry credits while studying abroad!

Participants will spend the first two weeks on Harding's campus in classes before traveling to Florence, Italy, for four weeks. 

Students will work with Dr. Dennis Matlock and internationally known lecturer and researcher Dr. Chiara Azzari in a Florence research lab. 

Limited space is available, so apply now!  Due to the discipline-specific nature of the SURF program, the direct laboratory experience that students will be participating in, and so that research environment lab space may be confirmed, please apply as soon as possible. 

For more information about the program contact Dr. Dennis Matlock at If you have any questions about courses, cost, and application, contact the International Programs office.

Summer 2024 Course Offerings

SURF students must enroll in six hours. Because of the rigorous structure of the program,
six hours is the maximum number permitted.

CHEM 3840 - Biochemistry I (3 credits)
Basic concepts of the chemistry and intermediary metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, vitamins, and hormones are considered with special consideration given to biochemical energetics and molecular biochemistry. Prerequisite(s): CHEM 1050 and CHEM 2110 or CHEM 3740 with a grade of C or higher.

CHEM 3840L – LAB: Biochemistry I (1 credit)
A laboratory designed to study the molecular aspects of biological structures. Concepts addressed will included error and statistical analysis of experimental data, spectroscopic methods, electrophoretic techniques, enzyme kinetics, chromatographic separations, protein purification, and the isolation and identification of macromolecules and metabolites. Prerequisite(s): CHEM 3840 (may be taken as a corequisite).

CHEM 4464-4466 – Selected Topics (1-3 credits)
Topics are determined by student needs and interests and instructor availability. May be repeated for additional credit with a separate course number when the topic changes. This class may make use of the testing center and/or may give exams outside of regularly scheduled class hours. During this program, this course will focus on various biochemistry-related topics in a clinical laboratory setting that students will be experiencing while in Florence, Italy. It is anticipated that primary, peer-reviewed literature will be the main source of information presented in this course.

CHEM 4473-4475 – Research (1-3 credits)
Students conduct an experimental investigation under the supervision of a faculty member. A paper reporting the results of the research, written in the format of a published journal article, is required for completion of the course. A minimum of 4 laboratory hours per week is required per credit hour. May be repeated using a separate course number. Research at another institution may be counted with the prior approval of the department chair. During this program, this course will focus on appropriate biochemistry-related research projects while in Florence, Italy. Examples include but are not limited to investigating the biochemical basis for various diseases. It is anticipated that primary, peer-reviewed literature will be the main source of information presented in this course.

2024 Cost Breakdown

Final cost and charges are subject to change.

Payment Schedule Summer 2024
with application $500
March 1 $1500
May 1 $8,386
Total Cost  $10,386

Application Fee ($500) paid at the time of application and refundable up until the $800 travel payment is due on March 1. If the program is canceled before or after this date, students will receive a refund of all fees paid.

Travel Payment ($1,500) includes prepayment for required deposits associated with reservations during your program, as well as roundtrip airfare from your home city. All travel arrangements are made by the International Programs office.

Final Payment includes tuition for 6 hours, room and board, program fee, technology fee, transportation, accommodation, local travel, tour guides, museums and art galleries, facility cleaning, and linen/laundry. Most financial aid will apply to your semester abroad.

Spending money: You will need to provide your own spending money. We recommend that you allow up to $85-$100 per day for all independent travel for those programs that allow or mandate it.

Housing Costs in Searcy: This cost does not include housing or meal costs while students are attending intersession courses on the Searcy campus.

For information regarding finances, loans, scholarships, and billing, please contact Angie Shafer at or 501-279-4338.

Those who cancel after airline tickets have been purchased and land travel arrangements have been paid will be liable for any penalties assessed by the airlines and land travel companies. Funds that can be recovered will be returned to the student’s account as soon as possible.

If you are enrolling in a future semester not indicated on this cost sheet, you may estimate the payment increase at 4-5% per school year.

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