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    President's Council

    A group of dedicated donors devoted to advancing the cause of Christian education through faithful support and diligent service to Harding University


About the President's Council

For over 50 years, the President’s Council has represented a group of alumni and friends that are devoted to advancing the cause of Christian education through faithful support and diligent service to Harding University. In the spring of 1965, at the request of Dr. Clifton L. Ganus Jr., the Board of Trustees gave permission to organize what was originally called the President’s Development Council. Started with 67 families, the Council has grown to a membership of over 800 individuals and families. This group continues to represent the most generous group of donors to Harding University through their financial and volunteer support.

The President's Council Scholarship Fund assists students with a variety of financial needs, including academic, athletic, departmental and performance-related scholarships. With more than 80 percent of Harding's students requiring some form of financial assistance, this scholarship fund addresses Harding's primary commitment to the recruitment of quality students.

Gifts made to the President’s Council Scholarship Fund are unrestricted and therefore added to The Harding Fund. These gifts, along with restricted scholarship donations and endowed scholarships, help reduce the cost of attendance by one-third and make it possible for many students who otherwise could not afford their Harding education to be here. These young men and women leave campus prepared to serve God, their families and neighbors through their faith and work. Gifts by President’s Council members are not limited to unrestricted donations. Members can make restricted gifts to support specific programs, or to an endowed scholarship, which is regarded as restricted.

Learn more about the President's Council in this brochure. Are you a new member? Fill out the questionnaire.

We invite you to join the President's Council

The Council includes people who are committed to the mission of Harding University: to integrate faith, learning and living. From a wide geographical distribution, the University seeks additional men and women for Council membership who demonstrate interest in advancing the cause of Christian education and its potential impact on the world through their service to Harding University.

Members are asked to commit to a three-year donor pledge in one of the four giving levels to qualify for the Council.  Members are also encouraged to participate in the bi-annual President’s Council meetings and events, although attendance is not required for membership.

Please call us at (800)477-4312 or email at to visit with one of our Senior Advancement Officers about joining the President's Council.  You will be asked to fill out a New Member Questionnaire once your pledge is made. We would love for you to join!

For a listing of Senior Advancement Officers, please click here.

Membership & Giving Levels

The President’s Council meets twice annually, during Homecoming weekend in the Fall and Spring Sing (Easter) weekend in the Spring. Attendance is not mandatory, but members are encouraged to attend.

PC Homecoming Events Fall 2021

We are pleased to invite you to REUNITE at the 2021 President's Council Fall Meeting and Football Tailgate! On Saturday, October 23 at 8 a.m., we will gather in Cone Chapel for our bi-annual meeting and light breakfast. From 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., the tailgate tent will be open to enjoy lunch and fellowship. For those not able to join us in person, the event will be live-streamed at Harding President's Council News and Events Facebook page. 
Your presence at the meeting and the other events is greatly appreciated! Please make plans to join us.  You may register HERE before October 20.
For PC codes for complimentary tickets to the Black & Gold Banquet, Homecoming musical, and football game, please email 
Check out the full schedule and details of the weekend’s activities campus-wide  HERE . We look forward to having our PC members REUNITED on the Searcy campus for Homecoming!

The Council includes alumni and friends who are committed to the mission of Harding University. This commitment is shown in the following ways: partners in our noble cause of Christian higher education, prayer warriors for our Harding community, goodwill ambassadors for the name of Harding University, mentors for our students, and providers of advice related to Harding’s well-being.

Commitment is also shown through financial support of the University. We are seeking a three-year commitment at one of the four giving levels.


David B. Burks Copper Level
Honoring Annual gift between $600-$1,499

Clifton L. Ganus, Jr. Bronze Level
Honoring Annual gift between $1,500-$4,999

George S. Benson Silver Level
Honoring Annual gift between $5,000-$9,999

J.N. Armstrong Gold Level
Honoring Annual gift of $10,000 or more


Kevin and Laura UebeleinEdmontonAB
Iris WarrenHuntsvilleAL
Dr. Jay and Debbie LightfootHuntsvilleAL
Dave and Mary Driskell Sr.VestaviaAL
Dan and Lee KauperBirminghamAL
Dr. Swaid and Christy SwaidBirminghamAL
Robin and Shannan BridgesHuntsvilleAL
Roger and Dawn BeckHarvestAL
Brian and Jennifer ParkerBirminghamAL
Dr. Tim and Pam AshleyFlorenceAL
Jim and Debbie KuepkerMadisonAL
Joan HackerHuntsvilleAL
Cade and Kayla SmithCullmanAL
Steven and Wendy GriffinMountain BrkAL
Nate and Erin CopelandPrattvilleAL
Vern and Michelle PettyHuntsvilleAL
Lynn and Sally DixonFlorenceAL
Dr. Jack and Andrea MooreHuntsvilleAL
Josh and Rachel SteedHooverAL
David and Liz GlennMadisonAL
Holly and Joshua DavisHuntsvilleAL
Roy and Sandra JohnsonBirminghamAL
Zach and Janel SteedHooverAL
Sean and Elizabeth SmithHuntsvilleAL
David and Katie AshleyBirminghamAL
Leland and Haley SheldonHuntsvilleAL
Ryan and Claire RummageVestavia HillsAL
Caleb JohnsHuntsvilleAL
Dave and Linda ClarkHuntsvilleAL
Mark and Quin OgdenHuntsvilleAL
Emily PriceCullmanAL
Byron and Melissa KelleyBirminghamAL
Howard and Debbie MorrisMontgomeryAL
Dr. Jonathan and Leslie EcholsCullmanAL
Dr. Felix and Lisa MorrisFlorenceAL
Rodney and Sara StegerHuntsvilleAL
Charles ElliottDecaturAL
Gary and Ellen PayneGrantAL
Frank and Robin BarkerDecaturAL
Craig and Tiffany RainboltVestaviaAL
Brant and Pam HolladayBirminghamAL
Jon and Michelle PerryMadisonAL
John and Kristi SibertBirminghamAL
Kent and Connie DobbsPrattvilleAL
Trey and Sarah Pope IIIHuntsvilleAL
Huel and Janet EvansGardendaleAL
Kurt and Erica AdamsHooverAL
Rod and Therese CheathamLittle RockAR
Reggie and Judy ReynoldsSearcyAR
Dr. Kyle and Kellee BlickenstaffSearcyAR
Robbie and Beth DavisSearcyAR
Dr. Bryan and Laura BurksSearcyAR
Brett and Kara BiggsRogersAR
Drs. Randy and Tanya HoltPangburnAR
Elmer and Mildred GathrightQuitmanAR
Casey and Michal CullipherSearcyAR
Pro Tire & Service CenterSearcyAR
Lois SchwartzSearcyAR
Benny SandersWillifordAR
Robyn and Tracy NicklesonSearcyAR
Bill McCauleyLittle RockAR
Daniel and Erica WadeLittle RockAR
Mitchell and Madelyn FreerEl DoradoAR
Dr. Allan and Carole IsomSearcyAR
Charles PittmanSearcyAR
David and Kay ReddingSearcyAR
David and Jeannie HendrixAntoineAR
Joel and Emily HoggardSearcyAR
Jeff and Karen MillsSearcyAR
Glen and Barbara HouseSearcyAR
Mitch and Terri WaltonSearcyAR
Nick and Judy PoulosSpringdaleAR
Paul and Dr. Jan MorganSearcyAR
Drs. Fred and Alice JewellSearcyAR
Logan and Cynthia IngramSearcyAR
Dr. Richard and Janice BlankenshipSearcyAR
Butch and Sheila Gardner Jr.SearcyAR
Kenneth and Linda OlreeSearcyAR
Morris and Brenda SeawelSearcyAR
Becca GodmanRogersAR
Jody and Andrea StylesBauxiteAR
Randy and Karan HughesMaumelleAR
Patrick and Robin ConnellSearcyAR
Dr. Terry and Stacey YatesSearcyAR
Lyndal and Loretta DaleWest MemphisAR
J. Ray and Ruth Anne Toland Jr.SearcyAR
Don and Patti SandersSearcyAR
Dr. David and Pam BangsSearcyAR
Tod and Dana MartinSearcyAR
Craig and Lee Anne RussellSearcyAR
Keith and Reet CronkSearcyAR
Dr. Dana and Mandi Jo SteilSearcyAR
Greg and Shelli NiblockSearcyAR
Dr. Stephen and Meredith TuckerLittle RockAR
Irene SummittParagouldAR
Jim and Beverlee ReddingSearcyAR
Sheryl and Bart RaglandSearcyAR
Patricia BerrySearcyAR
Dr. Nicky and Carolyn BoydSearcyAR
Dr. James and Janet SimmonsSearcyAR
Rick and Susan HarperSearcyAR
Clarence and Valle Richmond Jr.SearcyAR
Kent and Norma Lou RollmannSearcyAR
Dr. Albert LeslieConwayAR
Nate and Lindsey CroweSearcyAR
Grant and Robin SwedeLittle RockAR
Jon  LewisCammack VillageAR
John and Montana ChapmanLittle RockAR
Dr. Julie Hixson-Wallace and Ralph WallaceSearcyAR
Emily and Ridge RobertsSearcyAR
Ben and Sheila ShieldsLittle RockAR
Robert and Sherry NossamanBentonAR
Scott and Jennifer TeagueNorth Little RockAR
Dr. Jenene AlexanderSearcyAR
Dr. Glenn and Betty BoydSearcyAR
Dr. Jared and Natalie DockerySearcyAR
David and Paige KeeSearcyAR
Drs. Allen and Laurie DilesSearcyAR
Dr. Cliff and Debbie Ganus IIISearcyAR
Dr. Sid and Naita TateSearcyAR
Dr. Larry and Donna LongSearcyAR
Tom and Linda WarmackSheridanAR
Dr. Shawn and Donna DaggettSearcyAR
Ken and Susan McConnaughhaySearcyAR
Robert and Peggy McKechnieNorth Little RockAR
Klay and Lisa BarteeSearcyAR
Jeremy and Karen GarnerSearcyAR
Dallas and Jerri DobbsRogersAR
Steve and Michelle CarterBentonvilleAR
Dr. Kris and Jenny CittySearcyAR
Kevin and Susan KehlSearcyAR
Brad and Mary Lee DellBryantAR
Jill and Jon VestalBatesvilleAR
Mike and Leanne RainboltBentonAR
Barbara NellerSearcyAR
Dr. Winfred WrightSearcyAR
Heather and Lance KemperSearcyAR
Dr. Leon and Margaret BlueSearcyAR
Roger and Mary LuallenSearcyAR
Drs. Tommy and Martha BushRomanceAR
Drs. Sam and Cathie ShultzSearcyAR
Dr. Jim and Lori Shelton Jr.SearcyAR
Marcus and Jeanne BarnettSearcyAR
Dr. Mark and Penny DavisSearcyAR
Dr. Stephen and Jeanne BurksSearcyAR
Jennifer and Jarred CrowBauxiteAR
Korey and Kim KeithMagnoliaAR
Dr. Howard and Jane NortonSearcyAR
Bobby and Becky FloydNashvilleAR
Chad and Wesley GriffinSearcyAR
Rees and Shanna JonesSearcyAR
James and Dona ClarinSearcyAR
Michael and Ally GutierrezSearcyAR
Ty and Sheena SwindleSearcyAR
Joe and Joyce CollinsHarrisonAR
Mary Anne HayesMountain ViewAR
Margie WoodNorth Little RockAR
Bo Hill IVSearcyAR
James and Tanya Pinson Jr.Little RockAR
Dr. Kenny and Melissa CollinsHarrisonAR
Jane VanderburghSearcyAR
James StrotherRussellvilleAR
Jeff and Christy MorganSearcyAR
Nancy Lake PickleSearcyAR
Candice and Justin MooreSearcyAR
Dr. Frank and Becky McCownSearcyAR
Harold and Sandra JohnsonHarrisonAR
Jon and Catie HolmanSearcyAR
Michelle KitchensLittle RockAR
Marvin and Roki RobertsonSearcyAR
Mark and Kea WatsonSearcyAR
Dr. Tim and Anessa WestbrookSearcyAR
David and Robin DanielJonesboroAR
Dr. Brian and Cindy AlexanderLittle RockAR
Charles and Krista UnderwoodSearcyAR
TJ and Cindy BoyleLittle RockAR
Dr. Bill and Jane Hefley Sr.Little RockAR
Dr. Don and Laura FrostNorth Little RockAR
Bill and Ava ConleySearcyAR
Herman and Carol HendonSearcyAR
Tom and Nancy TackettPleasant PlainsAR
Joe and Dee CarsonTumbling ShoalsAR
Dr. Todd and Heather WyattSearcyAR
Dan and Vicky CampbellSearcyAR
Dr. James and Mary Jo Norris Jr.BentonAR
Charles and Harriet Raley IIISearcyAR
Drs. Richard and Debbie DukeSearcyAR
Charlene ProckSearcyAR
Guilford and Pat RiceSearcyAR
Mike and Fawnda SteelmanLittle RockAR
Farrell and Imogean FalwellSherwoodAR
Dr. Bob and Charlann Reely Jr.SearcyAR
Phillip Jones and Jenny Meeler-JonesClintonAR
Dr. Jim and Maralyn CittySearcyAR
Phil and Judy HoggardSearcyAR
Bruce and Kim BinkleyLittle RockAR
Steve and Dedra HunterBentonvilleAR
Jim and Kaye WoodLittle RockAR
Brooks and Jill DavisSearcyAR
Jay and Rebecca JamesSearcyAR
Jonathan and Brandie ReynoldsEl DoradoAR
Greg and Carol SpearsSearcyAR
Dr. Bill and Holly RichardsonSearcyAR
Richard and Amy SmithSearcyAR
Kyle and Perri EvansSearcyAR
Chad and Misti BonnerRogersAR
Matthew UnderwoodSearcyAR
Terrie SmithSearcyAR
Rob and Margaret Evans JrMurfreesboroAR
Jeffrey ZernLittle RockAR
Bettye FinleySearcyAR
Bob and Carla StigerNewportAR
Jim and Mandy GardnerBentonAR
Dr. Robert and Linda Argo Jr.FayettevilleAR
Kent and Teresa WebbBentonvilleAR
Dr. Max and Alice TeeheeSearcyAR
T.J. and Jaime WhiteheadAugustaAR
Travis and Teal HeltonLittle RockAR
Liza and Chris WrightLittle RockAR
Dr. Ron and Karen BlachlyJonesboroAR
Russ and Sue WhiteLittle RockAR
Jessica  and Adam DunningSearcyAR
Todd and Marcie MillerSearcyAR
Ricky and Meredith YoungBentonvilleAR
Dr. Kieth and Kathy WilliamsSearcyAR
Ken and Renee BissellSearcyAR
Dr. Kevin and Karen PopeFayettevilleAR
David and Judy HallSearcyAR
Norman and Marka BennettSearcyAR
Clint and Julia DavisBentonvilleAR
Dr. Ed and Loleta Higginbotham Jr.SearcyAR
Lamar and Beverly GammelCrossettAR
Dr. Dan and Alisa DavidsonSearcyAR
Dr. David and Beth CollinsSearcyAR
Darwin and Beth HendrixAntoineAR
Drs. Paul and Sherry Pollard Jr.SearcyAR
Scott and Amy WestjohnConwayAR
Jim and Sue HouseSearcyAR
Bob and Edy WennerMaumelleAR
David and Jani BeggsLittle RockAR
Dr. David and Leah BurksSearcyAR
Dick and Sandra Carter Jr.SearcyAR
Ronnie and Peggy HuckebaSearcyAR
Dr. Ken and Ann HobbySearcyAR
Craig and Patricia ZeringueSearcyAR
Lathan and Barbara GarnettSearcyAR
John and Lois FreemanJonesboroAR
Eddy and Dorice ShoresCave SpringsAR
Dr. Dale and Sharon ManorSearcyAR
Dr. Clay and Loren BeasonSearcyAR
J.R. and Kathy Howard Jr.SearcyAR
Kenneth and Patsy StorySearcyAR
Dr. Zelda McMurtrySearcyAR
Bill SpearSearcyAR
Brian GaineyConwayAR
Clay and Dr. Shirley Powell Jr.SearcyAR
Dr. Tim and Barbara DukeSearcyAR
Dr. Marc and Tina MuncyClarksvilleAR
Drew and Audrey ChandlerTexarkanaAR
Alan and Melissa BenderCentertonAR
Michael and Emily GarnerLittle RockAR
Lynn and Pat Wright Jr.Little RockAR
Stan and Robbie Chapman Jr.Little RockAR
Dr. Glen and Nancy BlueSearcyAR
Dr. Harry and Joy OlreeSearcyAR
Craig and Carol JonesSearcyAR
Lance and Tracy BaileySearcyAR
Dr. Bruce and Ann McLartySearcyAR
Dr. Marty and Glenda SpearsSearcyAR
Graziella RooszFayettevilleAR
R.M. and Julie BledsoeNewportAR
Cordell ZalenskiBentonvilleAR
Jack and Linda GardnerGlenwoodAR
John and Cindi ReeseLittle RockAR
Dr. Richard PeckSearcyAR
Scot and Becky HarrisSearcyAR
Dan and Barbara NewsomSearcyAR
Mike and Karen ChalenburgSearcyAR
Kurtis and Emily CarlsonBella VistaAR
Dr. Lew and Sue Moore Jr.SearcyAR
Dr. Kyle and Camie CittySearcyAR
Dr. Glen and Gretchen MethenySearcyAR
Dr. Wayne and Beverly BlickenstaffSearcyAR
Robert and Jill UlreyLittle RockAR
Carolyn PriestSearcyAR
David and Jan UnderwoodSearcyAR
Dr. David and Linda SmithLittle RockAR
Jerry and Betty MoteSearcyAR
Doug and Paula LangstonSearcyAR
Mark and Roxi CrewsSearcyAR
Phil and Debbie BerrySearcyAR
Brian and Amy MaddoxSearcyAR
Tish and Ryan PaceJudsoniaAR
Kim and Tim FlowersSearcyAR
Matt and Lindsay HornerHarrisburgAR
Chris and Connie HortonRogersAR
Steve and Edna LakeSearcyAR
Patrick and Sarah ErwinMaumelleAR
Billy and Freda CurlBlythevilleAR
Jana and Barry RuckerSearcyAR
Dr. Eddie ShieldsLittle RockAR
Katherine BrewerEl DoradoAR
Treva PryorSearcyAR
Dewitt YinglingBeebeAR
Doug  ParchmanSpringdaleAR
Pat TeagueNorth Little RockAR
Billie BousteadSearcyAR
Chuck and Melinda HicksSearcyAR
Ken and Terri GravesSearcyAR
Dr. Allen and Jenny HendersonSearcyAR
Dr. Steve and Jan SmithSearcyAR
Robbie and Mona ShackelfordSearcyAR
Fran DuggerSearcyAR
Craig and Wendy LairLittle RockAR
Carson  and Rachel CopelandConwayAR
Kirkley ThomasLittle RockAR
Joel and Mona PritchettSearcyAR
Matthew and JoAnne FordSearcyAR
Corey and Gretchen JenningsMaumelleAR
Dr. Warren and Suzanne Casey Jr.SearcyAR
Bobby and Julie CarlsonBentonvilleAR
Drew and Lindsey HolbertLittle RockAR
Roger and Karen PritchettSherwoodAR
Denton and Dee KernodleJonesboroAR
Dr. Mike and Marci MurphySearcyAR
Dr. Beckie and Gene WeaverSearcyAR
Cisco BassettSherwoodAR
Dr. Michael ClaxtonSearcyAR
Mack and Vicki WallaceMaumelleAR
Joseph and Amanda Morton IIISearcyAR
Katie and James FeherBentonvilleAR
Dr. Gary and Kathy TurnerLowellAR
Roger and Marilyn McMennamyHot Springs VillageAR
Dr. David and Cheryl CampSearcyAR
Drs. Ed and Beth Wilson Jr.SearcyAR
Boyce and Mary Ann ArnettSearcyAR
Dr. Mike and Beth JamesSearcyAR
Dr. Ken and Nancy Hammes Jr.SearcyAR
Dr. Clara and Charlie CarrollSearcyAR
Jerry and Donna SpearsLittle RockAR
Greg and Tammy DownumEl DoradoAR
Waylon and Melanie ReevesJudsoniaAR
Dr. Robert and Silva McCready IISearcyAR
Jonathan and Rachel RogersNorth Little RockAR
Dr. Bill HollawaySearcyAR
Dan and Gina WilliamsSearcyAR
Loretta TackerMarionAR
Drs. David and Barbara ColeSearcyAR
Dr. Donny and Gale Lee Jr.SearcyAR
Brad and Jill HortonLittle RockAR
Kelly and Anna KoonceMonticelloAR
Dr. David and Nancy HatfieldSearcyAR
Ted and Andrea HackneySearcyAR
Todd and Debbie GentrySearcyAR
Kevin and Kelley BurtonSearcyAR
Dr. Jared and Casey CoxSearcyAR
Andy and Cara SillsSearcyAR
William and Jennifer WaldronSearcyAR
Jay and Erin BrogdonNorth Little RockAR
Dr. Mark and Connie WhiteSearcyAR
Don and Doris YatesSearcyAR
Dr. Rayanne StorySearcyAR
Judy PateSearcyAR
David and Brenda AllenSearcyAR
Tim and Laura HamiltonSearcyAR
Donnie and Leah MillerSearcyAR
Margaret HelmsRussellvilleAR
Drs. Greg and Anissa HarrisSearcyAR
Tim and Anna CalvertNorth Little RockAR
Robert and Kary RossSearcyAR
Bridget and Jeff SmithSearcyAR
Tom BairdSearcyAR
Liz and Charlie HowellSearcyAR
Dr. Jim and Sara MillerSearcyAR
Dr. Finis and Bette Bailey Jr.SearcyAR
Byron and Jeanette HowellSearcyAR
Phil and Ann DixonSearcyAR
Dr. John and Anita HendersonJudsoniaAR
Dr. Al and Pam FrazierSearcyAR
Tim and Kathy KirbySearcyAR
David and Carenda CobbFort SmithAR
Dr. Dutch and Sharon HoggattSearcyAR
Nancy SmithFort SmithAR
Glen and Kirstin JohnsonLittle RockAR
Tom and Ashley Garner IVLittle RockAR
Steve England Truck Sales IncSearcyAR
Edwina PaceSearcyAR
Sue JustusSearcyAR
Dr. Daniel and Cindee StockstillSearcyAR
Tom and Beth ButerbaughSearcyAR
Dr. Tim and Tammie HackerPangburnAR
JJ and Jill Childers Jr.Little RockAR
Amory and Jenny ColeSearcyAR
Austin and Kathryn RileySearcyAR
John and Charice CurtisBentonvilleAR
Dr. Jeff and Emmie MercerSearcyAR
Rebecca NeelySpringdaleAR
Zearl WatsonSearcyAR
Dr. Ron and Lesley Smith IISearcyAR
Greg and Susan HarndenSearcyAR
Tammy and Michael HallSearcyAR
Rowan and Cecelia McLeodSearcyAR
Brett and Kim KirkmanSearcyAR
Wallace and Dolores AlexanderDelightAR
Danny and Robbie DeRamusSearcyAR
Dr. Arthur and Sheri ShearinSearcyAR
Keith and Terri RileySearcyAR
Al and Carla Fowler Jr.SearcyAR
Dr. Jim and Susan CarrSearcyAR
Dr. Andrew and Amy BakerSearcyAR
Brant PerkinsJonesboroAR
Lana and Steve PurteeJonesboroAR
Dr. Lynsay and Derek BrautnickBentonvilleAR
Bob and Edie BarnettSearcyAR
Michael and Heather FraleyChandlerAZ
Al and Jodi BatesVisaliaCA
Kent and Amy WileyParkerCO
Mark and Susan WallisGreenwood VillageCO
Curt and Luann WiederspanEatonCO
Rex FowlerHartfordCT
Matt and Julie RisingerWindermereFL
Matt and Emily BellPensacolaFL
Brad and Brittany ParkerMiltonFL
Tim and Sue DeanVero BeachFL
Bryan and Chandra RunionsBoca RatonFL
Bill and Doris FulksApopkaFL
David and Janet JeffcoatFt Walton BchFL
Dr. Cristina SerbanSarasotaFL
Hal and Lori Burleson Jr.Panama CityFL
Dr. Randy and Angie ButtramPanama CityFL
Glenn and Christy WrightMiddleburgFL
Bill and Karen Stokes Jr.New Port RicheyFL
Berry and Andrea MooreFleming IslandFL
Jack and Sheree Locklin Jr.MiltonFL
Danny and Brandy BrackettVero BeachFL
Payton and Kristy PattersonPanama CityFL
Derek and Brianna MountfordPonte VedraFL
Eddie and Debbie BlackshearOrange ParkFL
Jerry and Mary Margaret HeltonOrlandoFL
Jamey and Leah HolsombakePanama CityFL
Chris and Monteen PillaySaint JohnsFL
Robin KirkSanibelFL
Bob and Shelby Mills Sr.Ormond BeachFL
LtCol. Mike and Cindy BarringtonPensacolaFL
Pete and Kathy AdamsLeesburgFL
Tyler and Heidi SamuelSuwaneeGA
Stan and Jolene NuttSugar HillGA
Steven and Lynne RobertsLawrencevilleGA
Mark and Pam BrasherNorcrossGA
Gary and Theresa LongAtlantaGA
Brad and Cory JonesCummingGA
Ron and Jackie SwannNorcrossGA
Allen and Veronica ReadFlowery BranchGA
Wayne and Nell ArdMineral BluffGA
Drs. Frank and Pam BrownStone MountainGA
Eddie and Sherry Cooper IIWoodstockGA
Doug and Kristi BuceJohns CreekGA
Ken and Joyce Shumard Sr.AtlantaGA
Lauren RobertsLawrencevilleGA
Jim and Jennifer WarrenPeachtree CornersGA
Cleta Colson-Eyre and Brad EyreValdostaGA
Robert and Kerry JenkinsMariettaGA
Tom and Robin TaborDuluthGA
Scott and Denise WinterSenoiaGA
Roosevelt and Velma HarrisHamptonGA
Max and Kay ReiboldtAlpharettaGA
Dwight and Lesley MelsonLulaGA
Jonathan and Lauren HaakWarner RobinsGA
David and Savannah RobertsLawrencevilleGA
Chris and Amanda CassidyHonoluluHI
Taro and Rumi FujisawaMililaniHI
Matt and Dawn ShinnBurlingtonIA
Dr. David and Lori TuckerCaldwellID
Dr. Scott and Stacie ShappardBoiseID
Randy  HarrisBoiseID
Michael and Halley ThompsonRoscoeIL
Gale and Patti EvansMount VernonIL
John and Linda SykesColumbiaIL
Matt and Kelly SmithFort WayneIN
Vice Adm. Mike and Marilyn BucchiBloomingtonIN
Beth and Andrew MarshGreenfieldIN
Annie and Jose LopezPaoliIN
Ed and Ronda RosenbaumAvonIN
Dr. Ted MapleUlyssesKS
Nathan and Kathleen WolfKansas CityKS
Joseph WilliamsMayfieldKY
Beth and Chad ReaganBowling GreenKY
Lee and Sharon PowellPaducahKY
Brent and Kim ByrdCrestwoodKY
Michael and Becky CoffeyBowling GreenKY
Jason and Tracy FitzgeraldMayfieldKY
Kyle and Angie BriceCrestwoodKY
Trent FieldsPaducahKY
Larry and Connie EvansMurrayKY
Jamey and Tammie BoonePaducahKY
Tom and K-K LindseyWest MonroeLA
Grant and Katelyn TaylorWest MonroeLA
Randy and Joneal KirbyWest MonroeLA
Shane and April WareWest MonroeLA
David and Judy BakerShreveportLA
John and Chrys HowardWest MonroeLA
Terry and Kisha DavisMonroeLA
James and Stephanie Thornton IVLake ProvidenceLA
Jeffrey and Amanda ThorntonLake ProvidenceLA
Dr. Roy and Cynthia AlstonFraminghamMA
James and Susan MillerAnnapolisMD
Gerry and Renee Perrett IIHighlandMI
Paul and Robin MaynardAftonMN
Cole and Angie CoubroughHutchinsonMN
Nancy HenleyBridgetonMO
Brian and Jenny HannelSaint LouisMO
Dr. Andy and Cathy CassidyRollaMO
Jeff and Heather GoffWebster GrovesMO
Dr. Clint and Crystal StrongSpringfieldMO
Morgan and Jamie TrotterWildwoodMO
Steve and DiAnn JonesSaint CharlesMO
Colby GenryBallwinMO
Jon and Leslie NeelyDexterMO
Dr. Bill and Fran ChismNixaMO
Steve and Yolanda GiboneyKansas CityMO
Rick and Kathy ArthurSpringfieldMO
David and Lori AtkinsColumbiaMO
Dr. Britt and Beverly BurchamKennettMO
Danny and Donna RoperGroverMO
Rod and Susan DollinsSpringfieldMO
Lowell and Donna KirkbrideClevelandMS
Mark and Amy CarrollMadisonMS
Lance and Toria BoydNatchezMS
Tony and Linda EdwardsJacksonMS
Tom and Vicki Baird Jr.BiloxiMS
Lori SandersMadisonMS
Rick and Katherine Venable IIIMageeMS
Nathan and Carla MurrayOxfordMS
Phil and Charmaine StacySouthavenMS
Harry and Sara HodgesStarkvilleMS
Alex and Emma WilliamsOlive BranchMS
Frances NealClevelandMS
Blair and Karen BryanCharlotteNC
Alex and Tori FinleyDurhamNC
Dr. Scott CorbinMount AiryNC
Chris and Beth KelleyBermuda RunNC
Phyllis BlackstenApexNC
James and Merrill McCreary IIICharlotteNC
David and Kristi FowlerCharlotteNC
Robert and Amy SimmonsMatthewsNC
Jeff and Kathy TennysonCharlotteNC
Mark and Mandy VaughnHolly SpringsNC
Jerry and Juanita TraughberKernersvilleNC
Robert and Leslie HigbeeConcordNC
Mary Lea ThompsonHammontonNJ
Scott and Rachel PenickNorth BrunswickNJ
Dee and Gerry CochranHobbsNM
Neal and Connie MastersHendersonNV
Cliff and Tish ClarkShelter IslandNY
Robert and Chrystal ChambersLarchmontNY
Jerry and Fern HillRiverheadNY
Ryan and Brook ScottWest PointNY
Chad CarstensenNew HartfordNY
Walter and Mary Ethel GaleBay ShoreNY
Thad and Emily HillRemsenburgNY
Tom and Darlene HawkinsCleveland HeightsOH
Richard BelvilleDublinOH
James BrushartPiketonOH
Dr. Kim and Bill JohnsonGahannaOH
Robert and Elizabeth GallowayPowellOH
Brett and Holly NeelyDaytonOH
Matt and Amanda NeelyDaytonOH
Pam HawkinsHighland HeightsOH
Linda WallingfordColumbusOH
Norman and Patricia Hull Jr.Fort RecoveryOH
Dale and Nell YoderQuaker CityOH
Wade and Karen CrabbLebanonOH
Brett and Melody TriplettCirclevilleOH
Jim and Janette RogersTahlequahOK
Tommy and Monya BrownBartlesvilleOK
Frank and Heidi SmithOklahoma CityOK
Woody and Crystal Loden IVLutherOK
Merritt and Denise RobertsGuthrieOK
Greg and Jill TaylorBroken ArrowOK
Jim LyonBig CabinOK
Jordan and Heather SmithMoundsOK
Johnny and Shirley VaughanBartlesvilleOK
Steve and Samantha HeinenTulsaOK
Dr. Don and JoAnne BrownBartlesvilleOK
Brent and Amy ScottEdmondOK
R.F. HendricksTulsaOK
Ray and Wanda WilburnTulsaOK
Bob and Beth WatsonNormanOK
Mike and Sylvia VanlandinghamSeminoleOK
Kevin and Becky CampbellYukonOK
Brian and Becca BushAltusOK
Jamie and Lauren RuckerOklahoma CityOK
Scott and Allie WebbOklahoma CityOK
John and Shannon GoodspeedEdmondOK
Stacy and Angel KymesTulsaOK
Corbyn and Amy VanBruntJenksOK
Brian and Stacey LewisAdaOK
Roy and Star KimreyBartlesvilleOK
Kenny and Melyssa Kinnear IITulsaOK
Shawn and Arlene MayesBixbyOK
Allen and Lori RichmondBartlesvilleOK
Lori WalleEdmondOK
Erik and Callen RagsdaleTulsaOK
Dale and Nancy HearnOwassoOK
George and Julie PitcherPortlandOR
Brad and Teri BradleyFripp IslandSC
Matt and Mary CreggerColumbiaSC
Dan and Sharon ShappardBartlettTN
Jeff and Jennifer WhitehornBrentwoodTN
David and Rebekah Van EatonHixsonTN
John and Glenda JordanBrentwoodTN
Robert ArgoNashvilleTN
Tim BaurFranklinTN
Drs. Evertt and Ileene HuffardMemphisTN
David and Sheryl EscueColliervilleTN
Steve and Patsy BlountParisTN
Keith and Christy PerryMemphisTN
Brent and Amanda AdamsFranklinTN
Amy Blankenship Sewell and Scott SewellHendersonTN
Dr. Stan and Robin ChunnLafayetteTN
Reid  and Natalie StaffordCordovaTN
Hal and Jodi HessNashvilleTN
Barbara TaylorMemphisTN
Robert and Betsy CogginMurfreesboroTN
MariLynn and Michael CanterburyNashvilleTN
Dr. Britt and Wendy ThomasMemphisTN
Matt and Laura SmeltzerGermantownTN
Phill and Sharon PharrNolensvilleTN
Brent and Elizabeth PattersonMemphisTN
Gregory and Joni SextonBrentwoodTN
Dr. Al MorrisClarksvilleTN
Shawn and Amy EversonBrentwoodTN
Dr. Tom and Linda HendersonBrentwoodTN
Jim and Melissa PentecostJacksonTN
Tim and Kay WalkerBrentwoodTN
Randy and Beth WhitmanNashvilleTN
David and Janet GraggMadisonTN
Don and Linda HudsonNashvilleTN
Topper and Carole LongFranklinTN
Art and Charlotte McClellanGallatinTN
Dr. Jerry and Beverly MidyettGermantownTN
Forrest and Allison GardnerBrentwoodTN
Dr. Marcus and Rachel WagnerChattanoogaTN
Ken and Brenda GarnerCordovaTN
Joel and Tonya RaglandClarksvilleTN
Mitchell and DeShea BlueNashvilleTN
Dr. Steve McLeodMemphisTN
Jerry and Linda SchwiegerNashvilleTN
Tom and Kathy WrightArlingtonTN
Ben and Alice CaudillMurfreesboroTN
Ryan and Kristin BlountClarksvilleTN
Riley GillMemphisTN
Scott PeugeotNashvilleTN
Dr. Jimmy and Mandy SitesHendersonvilleTN
Paul and Renee FrenchBrentwoodTN
Dr. Joel and Alicia HendersonHixsonTN
Brad and Amy BellamyLakelandTN
Steve and Suzi ParrettColumbiaTN
Brad and Michelle WhitlockMount JulietTN
Allen and Lisa Wagner Jr.LakelandTN
Jeff and Danna PerryMount JulietTN
Chip and Lori BucknerMount JulietTN
Dr. Randy and Chris StegerLebanonTN
Phillip and Brandy Young Jr.ColumbiaTN
Jeff and Tama FortnerMt JulietTN
Tim and Pam FlattColliervilleTN
Jo David KeithNashvilleTN
Paul and Heidi WoolardFairviewTN
Dr. Leon and Marilyn SandersonColliervilleTN
Jimmy and Kim AdkinsCordovaTN
Donald and Dara HolsingerFranklinTN
Patsy JohnsonWilliamsportTN
Mat and Dani WaitesNashvilleTN
Bill and Katie WarrenChattanoogaTN
Bobby and Joy BrownBrentwoodTN
Dr. Jon and Sandy ParhamKnoxvilleTN
Dr. John and Carol PettyWartraceTN
Paul and Ericka MapleNashvilleTN
Kevin and Trina MontgomeryNashvilleTN
Ronald and Paula RummageBrentwoodTN
Brett and Amy CurtisGermantownTN
Chad and Sara BoydFranklinTN
Brian and Molly FordNashvilleTN
Joe BedwellNashvilleTN
Tom and Mary Beth HerringNashvilleTN
Dr. Jim and Judith HumphreysJacksonTN
John and Brittany SullivanFairviewTN
Rick and Cindy BettsNashvilleTN
Kevin and Jules ReddMemphisTN
Joe and Carla WardLakelandTN
Trey and Ann JuddClarksvilleTN
Mark and Stacy WeeksBrentwoodTN
Chris and April JacksonMount JulietTN
Chris and Cara KeithBrentwoodTN
Mark and Heather BellNolensvilleTN
Dr. Kimberly JohnsonCrossvilleTN
Dr. John and Stacey SpannChattanoogaTN
Tom and Stacy BoyleMurfreesboroTN
Bob and Cathy MetzerMaryvilleTN
Dr. Mike and Cindy SavageCordovaTN
Dr. Dan and Connie MassieGermantownTN
Gerald and Mary Ann HunnicuttBrentwoodTN
Bob and Elizabeth StewartSignal MountainTN
Charlie and Lawana MaxwellGermantownTN
James and Lori NixonNashvilleTN
Michael and Sarah CrouchLa VergneTN
Dr. Don and Lynn JacksonNashTX
Gary and Ellen OwenRichmondTX
Dr. Bryan and Amy PruittDallasTX
Morgan and Melanie WhatleyThe WoodlandsTX
Bill and Laresa YickCopperas CoveTX
Dorvin and Leigh Ellen LivelyWestlakeTX
Ken and Mary MonsonSpringTX
Dr. Vance and Joyce CoxArgyleTX
David and Scooter CoxFort WorthTX
Jason FrenchDallasTX
Derek and Stacy SeawelSugar LandTX
Mark and Angela StevensGranburyTX
David and Melissa AshmoreFriscoTX
Douglas and Jill BalentineMcKinneyTX
Dane and Sandy AltmanPlanoTX
Tim and Jeannie WrightSachseTX
Amy OlreeAllenTX
John and Jennifer WrightProsperTX
Kent and Raylyn MeansNorth Richland HillsTX
Ben and Sandy WilesPflugervilleTX
Jerry and Patricia CookDuncanvilleTX
Steve and Susan HassmannSan AntonioTX
Lt Col Stephen and Karen WolfWichita FallsTX
Daylan S. SkidmoreMontgomeryTX
Roger and Carol BoydSan MarcosTX
Tammy EllisAddisonTX
Dr. Jeff and Chris HambriceJbsa Ft Sam HoustonTX
Gail and Joan GreggAbileneTX
Dustin and Amanda RichterHasletTX
Dr. David and Leona CarruthAmarilloTX
Mike FairchildRichardsonTX
David Von Luckner and Miki HojnackiFort WorthTX
Jerry and Teri Morgan Jr.AmarilloTX
Tim and Landra JenkinsHasletTX
Bentley and Jennifer AlexanderFriscoTX
Jeremy and Lauren HammettAllenTX
Thurman and Ruby AlexanderAllenTX
LtCol. Larry and Joy FrenchCarrolltonTX
Warren and Joan DaleHoustonTX
Dirk and Marcy AllisonLewisvilleTX
Josh and Camille StevensTrophy ClubTX
Robert and Angela HutsonColleyvilleTX
Ben and Rachel PattersonAllenTX
Seth and Sarah NellerAustinTX
Dale and Angie CoxPlanoTX
Cliff and Pat ParkerFort WorthTX
Cam and Andrea HendersonMcKinneyTX
Jake and Kelby TanseyNorth Richland HillsTX
David and Gerri LillyGarlandTX
David and Rebecca WallerHasletTX
Brant and Melita BryanDallasTX
Jeryn and Jay LaengrichDallasTX
Lisa ChapmanMissouri CityTX
Doyle and Mary HelmsWacoTX
John and Kerry HelbigConroeTX
Neal and Melanie HunterVan AlstyneTX
Lane and Sarah LandesWichita FallsTX
Ashly and Shae ChaffinProsperTX
James and Bonnie FrankSouthlakeTX
Steven and Suzanne NuttCorsicanaTX
Michael and Karen BerrymanRichardsonTX
Perry and Teresa HolifieldMcKinneyTX
Jonathan GallowayRockwallTX
Byron Carlock Jr.DallasTX
Chris CollinsCarrolltonTX
David and Jamie GayLake JacksonTX
John and Glenda GrigsonLubbockTX
Dr. Phillip and Laura SheroNorth Richland HillsTX
Drs. Mark and Cheryl BillanteAustinTX
Bobbie AlexanderAmarilloTX
Doug and Valarie BurnsStephenvilleTX
John and Denise LakePlanoTX
Jan WhiteleyOdemTX
Dwight and Mary MusslemanSpringTX
Dr. Jason and Tricia ParkerRound RockTX
Stan and Becky McKeeverAmarilloTX
David and Joy LaceyChannelviewTX
Natalie and Zeke FortenberryDallasTX
Drs. Kevin and Evie DiLeoOrangeTX
John and Beth ClevelandKingwoodTX
Brad and Ellen DeLongColleyvilleTX
John and Samantha HatvanySugar LandTX
Dewey and Gina LeggettFairviewTX
Kurt and Jean SimmonsMansfieldTX
Terry and Kelly HootenFriscoTX
Chris and Kalai McHanHoustonTX
Bill and Karen QuigleyAustinTX
Marian StarksTylerTX
Mike and Jennifer ShearerPlanoTX
Judy ColeThe WoodlandsTX
Stephen and Crystal CrouchAustinTX
Wes and Amy McCownCoppellTX
Dave and Deb FinleyHighland VillageTX
Dr. Jerit and Haylee DavisFriscoTX
Gayland and Brenda AvanceRowlettTX
Tim and Patty OlreeAllenTX
Ginny and Kenneth LillyRichardsonTX
Tom and Sherry BryantPlanoTX
Floyd and Vicky SmithRowlettTX
John and Meredith BryanDallasTX
Dr. Larry and Tish PeeblesTexarkanaTX
Dr. Jacob and Christina DukeTexarkanaTX
Doug and Judy WalkerKellerTX
David and Lesli SlaterDallasTX
Mark and Kelle SamsillKellerTX
Jason and Bethany CassityCoppellTX
Matt LoveCarrolltonTX
David  KentKellerTX
Ron and Elise ChaseKellerTX
Rick and Donna WorkNorth Richland HillsTX
Joe and Karen Stork Jr.SpringTX
Josh and Lauren SatterfieldWoodwayTX
Paul and Suzanne StarksHurstTX
James and Lisa JenningsNorth Richland HillsTX
Glenn and Suzanne OrganBay CityTX
Tricia CaseSugar LandTX
Alan and Billie Ruth WondersRichardsonTX
Brian and Amy ShowalterFriscoTX
Lathan and Kim WattsLewisvilleTX
Dr. James and Pamela HoltSouthlakeTX
Bob and Sonja HeltonPlanoTX
Sammie and Renee BerryDuncanvilleTX
Sean and Catherine MillsRockwallTX
Brian and Diane TreusdellBoerneTX
Tom and Leigh Anne WatsonFriscoTX
Micah and Lucy HahnRichardsonTX
Craig and Tresa DavisCelinaTX
Charles and Pamela PiersonArlingtonTX
Pat NarryKaufmanTX
Anne FrancisBeltonTX
Jerry HoganBryanTX
Steve and Julie LippMurphyTX
Andy and Jennifer ThomasDallasTX
Garrett and Cristie TaylorPlanoTX
Dean and Judy BondWake VillageTX
Candy MimmsMcKinneyTX
Larry and Carolyn YurchoDallasTX
Glenn and Nicole BushPlanoTX
Glen and Liz GibsonLongviewTX
Dr. Charles and Cathy AndersonCollege StationTX
Byron and Mindi WallsFlower MoundTX
Danielle NonakaWoodbridgeVA
Joe and Casie CumpianChantillyVA
Matthew and Megan WhiteGainesvilleVA
Adam and Kim TomlinsonWarrentonVA
David and Carmen BellViennaVA
Tom and Lindy SidesChesterVA
David and Donna LaddFishersvilleVA
Mike and Cheryl AllenViennaVA
Ashley SheltonOaktonVA
Lindsay WilliamsViennaVA
Joel and Lori ReedViennaVA
Ken and Ramona NolandNewport NewsVA
Kerry and Karla LoweryKirklandWA
Chris and Martha WestMount PleasantWI
Dr. Rick and Susan DullMorgantownWV

Member Benefits


All donors share one important reward for their gifts: the personal satisfaction of making an investment in the mission of the University. Every gift strengthens Harding University. The President’s Council is designed to acknowledge the loyal support of donors.

In addition to the Presidential Medallion Collection, benefits for members include:

  • Online newsletter highlighting events on campus and President’s Council-related news
  • Opportunities to provide feedback to the University
  • Invitations to meet and hear from the president at the semi-annual meetings
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Black and Gold Dinner in the fall
  • Tickets to the President’s Council tailgate lunch prior to Homecoming football game
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Homecoming game and Homecoming musical
  • Two complimentary tickets to Spring Sing
  • Name recognition on the President’s Council wall display in the Heritage lobby
  • Invitations to participate in various events throughout the year
  • Access to the PC Portal for updates, news, and a directory of all members