Honors College


Required Courses for Honors Scholars

Honors Scholars are required to enroll in HNRS 2010 (Communication and Critical Thinking) and HNRS 2020 (Life and Teachings of Jesus) as part of a learning cohort in their first semester.

Courses Available To All Honors Students

All students enrolled in the Honors College are eligible to take honors classes and earn honors credits toward graduation. Students can earn honors credits in three ways.

Honors Sections

An honors section of any course is designated by an (H) in the course title and offered to all honors students.

Honors Courses

Honors courses are designated by the course prefix HNRS and are offered for Honors Scholars first and then to all honors students if space is available. HNRS 2010 and HNRS 2020 are offered only for Honors Scholars.  Credit earned in HNRS courses apply to the liberal arts requirements as listed in the catalog.

Honors Contracts

Students may earn honors credit in upper-level courses (3000 or above) in their major through honors contracts.  An honors contract allows students to individualize their curriculum by adding an honors dimension to a non-honors course.

The contract project will add to the academic depth of the course by introducing new material or by allowing the student to more deeply explore the subject matter beyond the standard syllabus.

Honors Contracts are required of all Honors College Graduates and Honors College Graduates with Distinction.  Learn more about the Honors Contracts and view deadlines for proposals on Pipeline.

Honors Capstone

Honors College Graduates with Distinction are required to complete an Honors Senior Capstone Project.  The selected project will demonstrate mastery of a discipline and achievement of the objectives of the Honors College.

Prospective Honors capstone students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Member of the Honors College in good standing
  • Senior classification in final year of studies
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Must be reasonably able to meet the criteria for Graduation with Distinction.

The student must schedule an appointment and meet with Dr. James Huff prior to submitting the proposal form.  This form will be provided following your meeting.

Learn more about the Honors Capstone and view deadlines for proposals on Pipeline.

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