Honors College

Two Unique Programs

Interdisciplinary Studies

 Honors College students are able to design their own program of study through the Interdisciplinary Studies major. Possibilities include unique majors such as Public Health, African Studies, Global Communication or Classics.  The Honors College staff will assist students in designing their own major. The Honors College supervises the program under the office of the Provost.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Major was created specifically for Honors students who wish to pursue rigorous academic and creative discovery unavailable through traditional majors.Through this program students should consider structuring their own course of study through the Honors College. Students pursuing this major must be a member of the Honors College in good standing (requires a 3.25 GPA).

To initiate this process, the student writes a rationale describing their proposed curriculum, forms an advisory faculty committee who assists in designing a unique course of study, and then seeks approval for their program of study from the dean of the Honors College and the vice president of academic affairs. 

This program of study may be used as a primary degree.  Students pursuing the major must be a member of the Honors College in good standing (requires a 3.25 GPA). Contact Dr. Mike James, dean of the Honors College, for more information. honors@harding.edu

Interdisciplinary Studies Guidelines pdf


Leadership Studies

Harding University's Honors College began offering an interdisciplinary leadership studies minor in Spring 2006.  Honors students who opt for the minor may draw on courses from most of Harding's other colleges to harmonize their leadership studies with other academic interests. The course choices offered for the minor are intended to provide a strong, broad foundation for outstanding University students who want to develop a servant-leadership lifestyle.

Students who wish to minor in leadership studies may come from any academic major, but must be members of the Honors College. One of the required core classes, HNRS 204, is designed for Honors Scholars, who qualify by being named National Merit Finalists, receiving a Trustee Scholarship, or being selected from the pool of applicants scoring 31 or higher on the ACT ( 1420 or higher on the SAT). As a result, placement is competitive even within the college.

By offering the leadership studies minor, Harding joins Ivy League schools and other prestigious colleges with similar programs.

2018-2019 Academic Catalog - Honors College Leadership Studies Minor