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Why do I need an MBA?

Faith-based Learning for a Faith-based Life

Improve your leadership and management skills through a Christian faith-based M.B.A. program that will provide you with the upward mobility and the competitive edge you need. Harding recognizes the need for balance among work, family, church and community and strives to provide a flexible program that allows fulfillment in all aspects of life. It's your M.B.A., and you can earn it your way! You choose your classroom: online, on ground or a combination of both...YOU DECIDE!

  • Learn through an integration of faith, learning and living 
  • Succeed through personal and professional growth 
  • Set your own pace through the program 

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Numbers To Know

Three Campus Locations

Our program has three locations from which to take classes: Searcy, North Little Rock, and online. Students may choose to complete their degree via one venue or through a combination of ground and online classes.

Two Program Tracks

Harding's M.B.A. program provides two program tracks. One is the Accelerate track, a 36 credit-hour program, with students taking 10 core courses along with 2 elective courses. The second is the Concentration track, a 42 credit-hour program. Students take 10 core courses along with 4 elective courses with those electives coming from the same concentrated area.

Four Concentrations

The Concentration M.B.A. track provides students with the option to individualize their M.B.A. program to meet personal career objectives. Students choose to take all of their electives in one area to obtain a concentration for their degree. Concentration areas available to students in Harding’s M.B.A. program are as follows: Health Care Management Information Technology Management International Business Leadership and Organizational Management The curriculum consists of 30 credit hours of required core classes and 12 credit hours of elective courses from the student’s chosen area of interest.



For a description of current classes offered please click on the PDF documents below. We offer our courses at two locations and online. For interest in enrolling in our courses, please submit an application and contact our office.

Application Packet pdf

Pace Sheet pdf

Spring 2015 Schedule pdf

Summer 2015 Schedule pdf

Summer 2015 Booklist Draft pdf

Fall 2015 Schedule Draft pdf

Helpful Hints about Registering for MBA classes:

  •  Enroll for both blocks of a semester at the same time. Don’t wait to register for block 2; you may miss your chance.

  • Don’t wait to take your electives until your final semester. At least one elective is required in your Final Portfolio, which is due on Friday of week 7 in your final semester.

  • Always use the dates listed on our schedules. The dates in Pipeline are rarely correct for our program.


Harding University's MBA program offers students the flexibility to complete their degree through only one venue or by a combination of both ground and online classes. The University’s MBA program is offered through two ground campuses: Searcy, AR and North Little Rock, AR. Students can also earn their MBA degree completely online.


Searcy, Arkansas is located in east central Arkansas, about 50 miles northeast of Little Rock and 105 miles west of Memphis, TN. Harding occupies about 200 acres east of the downtown area of Searcy. MBA classes are conducted in the Mabee Business Building on the east side of the Harding’s campus.

North Little Rock

The North Little Rock campus is located at 3807 McCain Park Drive, North Little Rock. This is located north of McCain Mall and directly across from the North Little Rock Athletic Center. MBA classes have been conducted at Harding University’s North Little Rock Professional Center since Fall 2003.

Ground classes are taught in two formats:

  • Weeknight classes meet for 8 weeks on a designated night.
  • Weekend classes typically meet for 3 designated weekends, Friday night and during the day on Saturday. These weekends are not consecutive weekends but typically are scheduled for one weekend per month for 3 consecutive months.

Global Online Class Environment

Harding's MBA program has utilized online classes from the beginning of the program in Fall of 1998. It is important to understand that the outcomes of an online class are the same as those of a ground class. Many times the same book and syllabus are used to support both classes. Online classes remove geographic boundaries and allow interaction among a larger breadth of students. In our MBA program, students represent multiple international countries as well as the continental United States. The online program provides exposure to different cultures and business practices through class participation with international students. The online program provides increased opportunities for networking among the MBA students.

Online classes are taught in the following format:

  • Online classes are taught for a 6 week period of concentrated study. There are two blocks each semester of online courses. Students interact with highly qualified instructors who facilitate class participation to gain strategic insight to today’s business applications. The MBA degree can be earned through complete online instruction.
Code of Conduct

Harding expects its students to conduct themselves as responsible citizens with an understanding and philosophy of life consistent with Christian ideals. In addition to the promotion of scholarly pursuits, Harding University endeavors to instill within each student a deeper spiritual quality. All members of Harding’s administration and faculty are dedicated to building Christian character and responsibility within each student.

Enrollment at the University is viewed as a privilege that brings the attendant responsibilities and accountability. Students are encouraged to develop a servant-leadership-ministry lifestyle that integrates faith, learning and living. Students are expected to pursue honesty and integrity, avoiding all forms of dishonesty.

While attending classes and events at Harding’s Searcy campus, students must comply with Harding University’s policies concerning conduct. This includes the following specific items:

  • Harding is a drug-tobacco-alcohol-free campus
  • Modest dress is required
  • Inappropriate language is prohibited
  • No firearms or weapons are allowed on campus
  • Sexual immorality, including pornographic materials, are prohibited
  • Christian principles should be respected by all students

Upon registration to Harding University, M.B.A. students acknowledge and agree to uphold Christian principles for which Harding stands. Harding University reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss students whose lifestyle is not consistent with the Christian principles for which Harding stands and when the general welfare of the institution requires such action.  A standard form is provided and signed by each individual student in the M.B.A. program upon entry into the program concerning his/her commitment to uphold these principles.


Disciplinary Procedures

 *as stated on page 13 of the Graduate Catalog

 When it appears a rule of conduct or procedure has been broken, the Director of the Master of Business Administration program will conduct an investigation concerning the allegation.

  1. If possible, the issue will be resolved with the Director of the program and the student. 
  2. If not resolved between the Director of the program and the student, an appeal is presented to the Graduate Appeals Committee for their review and recommendation concerning the alleged code of conduct violation. 
  3. The appeal must be made to the Graduate Appeals Committee within 24 hours after the attempted resolution by the Director of the program and the student.
  4. The appeal shall be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner.
  5. All witnesses shall be required to affirm the truth of their testimonies.
  6. Presentation of evidence shall be as follows:
    -  Evidence that supports the charge against the student or organization
    -  Evidence of innocence or mitigation by the accused
    -  Rebuttal evidence by both parties
    -  Closing statements by both parties
  7. Both parties shall have reasonable opportunity for cross-examination of witnesses.
  8. The appeals will be open to the appealing party, representatives of the Graduate Appeal Committee and witnesses with relevant evidence to present. Only two eye witnesses from each side may present their case, and neither legal counsel, guardian nor parents of the accused shall be permitted to appear before this committee.

Disciplinary sanction can range from a written or verbal reprimand, suspension, and expulsion from the Master of Business Administration program.

Questions in regard to code of conduct for the Master of Business Administration program should be referred to the Director of the program.

Request Information

Do you want additional information about our MBA program?  We offer two ways for you to learn more about us and our program structure. You are welcome to choose the one that best meets your needs, but are certainly welcome to choose both, if you prefer.

Fill out a brief questionnaire and receive a customized Harding MBA Ebrochure, available as a download in PDF format. This Ebrochure will contain individualized information based on your questionnaire answers.

Customized Ebrochure


Fill out a form and receive information on our program in the mail. You will receive our current graduate catalog, brochures, and application.

Direct Mail Info Packet
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