First Year Student Orientation 2020

Due to continued concerns and restrictions related to mitigation of COVID-19 and for the health and safety of our incoming students and families, we have decided to conduct Bison Bound preliminary orientation activities online. If you have already registered for Bison Bound, there is no need to register again. The information to complete the online Bison Bound activities will be delivered to all registrants by email after June 1.

Register for online Bison Bound

In addition to obtaining essential information regarding campus life and a view of campus, students will be able to receive academic and major advising, receive their class schedule, and complete essential activities such as selecting a chapel seat, meal plan and ordering a parking pass. The previously scheduled Bison Bound 1, 2 and 3 on-campus sessions will be replaced with a single welcome week “Stampede” session for all incoming students on campus the week leading up to the start of classes, which will cover any remaining activities plus early move in, additional advising, mixers and campus familiarization.

If you have not yet registered for Bison Bound, please do so by June 1. All incoming students must complete online orientation in order to register for fall classes and enroll. Once you have registered for Bison Bound, an academic advisor will reach out to you to discuss your Fall schedule. 

View our departmental directory to find contact information for the advisor in your specific area of study. 

To register for Bison Bound students must first have been accepted for admission to the university. 

Harding is on NearPeer!

With the initial parts of Bison Bound being online, we realize students could miss one of the most important things about orientation: connecting with future classmates. With that in mind, Harding has partnered with Nearpeer. Nearpeer is a social media peer-to-peer networking platform specifically for Harding students that matches and connects incoming students based on their similarities and common interests. You can locate others in your program of study, find a roommate or just make connections. All admitted students will receive a personal email invitation to join.

Enrollment Fee

The $250 new student enrollment fee covers all First Year Experience costs and activities including Bison Bound (orientation), Stampede (welcome week), and other FYE events such as the Freshman Retreat and the Pre-union Dinner. While payment of the enrollment fee is usually required to attend orientation and register for classes, because many of our students and families have had financial impacts due to the pandemic, we will defer the $250 enrollment fee for incoming students who have not yet paid. In order to receive this deferral, students need to register for Bison Bound by June 1. The enrollment fee will be added to your account on the first day of classes so that financial aid and scholarships may be applied. If you have already paid the enrollment fee and have not registered for Bison Bound, please do so by June 1. 


Am I ready to register for Bison Bound?

Step 1: Be Accepted

Bison Bound is open to students fully accepted to Harding University who have received their Harding acceptance letter in order to register. If you have not completed the admissions process or are not sure yet of your acceptance, please contact your Admissions Counselor.

In order for us to do our very best in advising and helping you select your classes, you must have taken either the ACT or SAT test before completing your Bison Bound session. If you are unsure that a record of your test is in our files please contact your Admissions Counselor.

Step 2: Sign Up

Students must complete and submit this form to successfully sign up for a Bison Bound session. Students will receive a confirmation email within a week. If an email is not received within a week, please email

Bison Bound Registration is now open for 2020!

Step 3: Essential Requirements

The following items may be submitted after registering for Bison Bound, but must be submitted prior to receiving your class schedule. 

- Immunization Records

- Housing Form

- Character Reference Form

These forms and additional information can be found here.

What is the purpose of Bison Bound?

Completing this required program is designed to give you several advantages heading into the fall semester at Harding. At Bison Bound you will:

- Build or review your class schedule for the fall semester
- Attend sessions to help you make decisions about your college career and be prepared for your first day of class
- Preview campus life and find out what to expect as you begin your Harding experience

What is the difference between Bison Bound and Stampede? Why do I need to participate in both?

Bison Bound is an informative program designed to ensure that students are adequately prepared for classes and campus life. Stampede is the recreational aspect – meeting new friends, settling into dorms, getting acquainted with roommates and sharing fun experiences together before school begins.

How do I edit my registration form?

If you have incorrect information on the Bison Bound registration form, please email with the corrected information.

Am I required to participate?

ALL undergraduate first time in college and transfer students are required to participate in Bison Bound. However, if you already have a Bachelor’s degree or are not attending the Searcy campus, you will not be required to participate in Bison Bound.

What about a parent orientation?

Bison Bound parents, you have your own online orientation! The online orientation is designed to help parents of incoming students to better understand life at Harding. This orientation will take approximately one hour to complete and you can complete it at any time. 

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