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Flexibility at your fingertips

Harding offers more than 50 graduate and professional programs delivered through online, hybrid, or on-ground formats.

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  • The teachers work hard to prepare us for the real world. They care for our well-being; they pray for us.

    Poonam Patel | Class of 2020, MSN-FNP ,
    College of Nursing

  • The flexibility of online classes allowed us to stay involved in our local congregation, stay engaged with our family and maintain full-time jobs.

    Jacob (‘18) and Julia (‘18) Stephenson, MBA ,
    College of Business Administration

Broaden your reach

Our graduate and professional programs are designed to challenge you, prepare you and accelerate your future as a professional.

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Choose from more than 40 graduate programs to help you broaden your reach and accelerate your career goals.

Elevate your Career

There's no better time than now to evaluate your resume and take the next step to elevate your professional career! Give yourself a competitive advantage by earning a graduate degree, certificate or additional licensure.

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In the last 10 years, we have graduated close to 1,200 FNPs, PAs, SLPs, and PharmDs combined.


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