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    Complete your studies from anywhere and manage the pace to fit into your life and schedule.

Our Mission

As a leader in Christian education, we strive to provide high quality educational experiences to learners all over the world.

Our Online Programs

Our online programs offer courses and interactions fully available to students remote and online.

Blended Programs

Blended programs, also known as hybrid programs, offer a combination of online and on-ground components.

What our online programs can do

Harding University’s online learning community strives to provide high quality educational experiences to learners all over the world. As such our online programs will:

  • Promote and support online learning opportunities across the University
  • Work alongside faculty to develop quality online courses
  • Monitor the quality of online delivery and learner experience
  • Provide resources for teachers new to online teaching
  • Offer professional development opportunities
  • Conduct an annual faculty technology showcase
  • Foster innovation for online learning and teaching
  • Suggest and help implement innovative programs to help keep Harding relevant in the online learning space
  • Support faculty in the use of our learning management system and other online resources
  • Provide resources for contractual and project management of online initiatives
  • Share success stories of online learning, teaching and accomplishments of alumni

Online Programs

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Online Programs