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Psychology majors choose from a variety of career paths in graduate school and the work-force. Our students may choose to attend graduate school in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, marriage and family therapy, cognitive neuroscience, law and even some health-related fields including pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant and medical school.

Psychology’s full-time faculty is licensed by the Arkansas State Boards in their respective fields and come from an experienced and diverse background related to their career experiences. They include licensed psychological examiners, former chief of Mental Health Services in the Missouri Department of Corrections, private counselors/consultants with various community mental health agencies and a local hospital, a director of inpatient forensic services at a state psychiatric hospital, and state law enforcement training academy.

The psychology department at Harding emphasizes excellence in academic coursework as well as a curriculum that leads to a competitive edge in graduate school admittance. Students graduating from Harding are adept at research skills and have the opportunity to produce their own original research to be presented at a professional conference. Most students also take advantage of upper level courses emphasizing practical skills such as Techniques of Counseling, Group Processes, and Field Experience. Through required and elective courses, they are well prepared for the rigors of graduate school in their chosen field.

Most importantly, the psychology department is committed to integrating spirituality and faith into the discipline.  An upper level course is taught in psychology and Christianity as well as each of the courses reflects an integration of the spiritual aspects into the field of psychology.

For more information about Harding University’s psychology Program, see the contact information listed below. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in becoming a part of our program.

Our Mission

  1. Provide a basic education in the science of psychology
  2. Assist students in developing their skills in understanding themselves and others
  3. Prepare students for entry-level opportunities as college graduates in the world of work
  4. Prepare students for advanced study leading to professional careers in psychology and/or counseling
  5. Relate and integrate the psychological truths found in the Word of God with the knowledge of modern psychological science in order to render greater service in the home, the church and the community.

Academic Program

Please see the Harding University Catalog for a detailed psychology course list.

Accelerated dual degree

Accelerated dual degree B.S. in psychology-M.S. in professional counseling: Qualified students can complete both a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master of Science in professional counseling at an accelerated pace by beginning master’s coursework during their senior year of undergraduate study.

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