Harding is a community of mission where higher education and a higher purpose go hand in hand. We provide many hands-on opportunities for you to learn and grow while making meaningful relationships with others. Are you unsure about what you want to study? No problem! Here, you can explore more than 100 academic majors and degree programs to find the area that best fits you and your interests. We also offer accelerated majors to earn your undergraduate degree and master's degree simultaneously, preprofessional programs, graduate programs both on-ground and online, and doctoral programs.

Undergraduate ProgramCollegeDegree
Accounting  Business AdministrationBBA
Acting  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Advertising Arts & HumanitiesBA
American Sign LanguageAllied HealthCertificate
American Studies  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Apparel MerchandisingSciencesBS
Applied Spanish Arts & HumanitiesSecond major only
ArchitectureArts & HumanitiesBAA (Fall 2022)
Art Arts & HumanitiesBA
Art (Teacher licensure) Arts & HumanitiesBA
Biblical Studies Bible & MinistryCertificate
Bible and Family MinistryBible & MinistryBA
Bible and Ministry    Bible & MinistryBA
Bible and Missions    Bible & MinistryBA
Bible and Preaching    Bible & MinistryBA
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  SciencesBS
Biochemistry   SciencesBS
Biology   SciencesBS
Biology (Teacher licensure)  SciencesBS
Biomedical EngineeringSciencesBS
Chemistry   SciencesBS
Chemistry (Teacher licensure)SciencesBA
Child Development   SciencesBS
Child LifeSciencesBS
Christian Ministry CertificateMinistry & Theology (HST)Certificate
Civil Engineering  SciencesBS
Cognitive NeuroscienceSciencesBS
Communication Sciences and Disorders (Clinical)  Allied HealthBA
Communication Sciences and Disorders (Non-clinical) Allied HealthBA
Communication Studies  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Community EngagementSciencesBS
Computer Engineering   SciencesBS
Computer Science   SciencesBS or BA
Construction ScienceSciencesBS
Criminal Justice  SciencesBS
CybersecurityBusiness AdministrationBS
Data ScienceSciencesBA or BS
Drama/Speech (Teacher licensure)Arts & HumanitiesBA
Early Childhood Education/Special Education Integrated (B-K)EducationBA
Early Childhood/Special Education EndorsementEducationEndorsement
Education StudiesEducationBA
Electrical Engineering   SciencesBS
Elementary Education, K-6EducationBA
English and Business CommunicationArts & HumanitiesBA
English  Arts & HumanitiesBA
English (Teacher licensure) Arts & HumanitiesBA
English with Embedded Foreign LanguageArts & HumanitiesBA
Environmental ScienceSciencesBS
Event ManagementSciencesBS
Exercise Science  Allied HealthBS
Family and Consumer Sciences   SciencesBS
Family and Consumer Sciences Education  SciencesBS
Family Life Education   SciencesBS
FilmArts & HumanitiesBA
FinanceBusiness AdministrationBBA
Foreign Language and MissionsArts & HumanitiesBA
Forensic ScienceSciencesBS
French Arts & HumanitiesBA
French (Teacher licensure) Arts & HumanitiesBA
Graphic Design Arts & HumanitiesBFA
Health StudiesAllied HealthBS
History  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Humanities  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Information SystemsBusiness AdministrationBBA
Integrated Marketing CommunicationArts & HumanitiesBA
Interdisciplinary StudiesUniveristy CollegeBA or BS
Interior Architecture and Design Arts & HumanitiesBFA
International Business   Business AdministrationBBA
International Studies  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Kinesiology  SciencesBS
Kinesiology and Health, K-12 (Teacher licensure)  SciencesBS
Leadership and MinistryBible & Ministrysecond major only
Management   Business AdministrationBBA
Marketing    Business AdministrationBBA
Mathematics (Teacher licensure option)SciencesBS or BA
Mechanical Engineering   SciencesBS
Media Production Arts & HumanitiesBA
Medical Humanities    Arts & Humanities / SciencesBA or BS
Medical Laboratory Science   SciencesBS
Middle-Level Education English/Language Arts/Math 4-8EducationBA
Middle-Level Education English/Language Arts/Science 4-8 EducationBA
Middle-Level Education English/Language Arts/Social Science 4-8EducationBA
Middle-Level Education Math/Science 4-8EducationBA
Middle-Level Education Science/Social Sciences 4-8EducationBA
Middle Level Education Social Sciences/Math 4-8EducationBA
Molecular and Cellular Biology  SciencesBS
Multimedia JournalismArts & HumanitiesBA
Music Education: Instrumental (Teacher licensure)Arts & HumanitiesBME
Music Education: Vocal (Teacher licensure) Arts & HumanitiesBME
Music   Arts & HumanitiesBA
Nursing NursingBS
NursingNursingSecond BSN
Nutrition and Food ManagementSciencesBS
Physics   SciencesBS
Piano Performance Arts & HumanitiesBM
Political Science Arts & HumanitiesBA
Preprofessional Health ScienceSciencesBA or BS
Psychology   SciencesBS
Public Administration Arts & HumanitiesBS
Public Relations   Arts & HumanitiesBA
Research Certificate (undergraduate)SciencesCertificate
Social Science  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Social Science (Teacher licensure) Arts & HumanitiesBA
Social Work   SciencesBS
Software Development  SciencesBS
Spanish Arts & HumanitiesBA
Spanish (Teacher licensure) Arts & HumanitiesBA
Special Education, K-12EducationBA
Special Education Endorsement, K-12EducationEndorsement
Speech-Language Pathology AssistantAllied HealthBA
Sport and Recreation Management  SciencesBS
Theatre Design/Production  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Theatre  Arts & HumanitiesBA
Theatre, 7-12 (Teacher licensure) Arts & HumanitiesBA
Visual Arts Studio  Arts & HumanitiesBFA
Vocal PerformanceArts & HumanitiesBM

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