• Each year, Harding hosts numerous events that bring in an estimated 50,000 unique visitors.

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  • $24 million in estimated annual student spending

  • Bisons for Christ 2016

    With 1,150 employees, Harding is the third largest employer in White County.

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    Visit campus, and enjoy our display of 1,000,000 lights.

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Did you know?

The Harding campus draws thousands of visitors to White County every year.


million annual student spending


unique visitors annually


million annual visitor spending


employees — 3rd largest employer

About Harding

Searcy is home

For years I have used the word “camaraderie” to describe the sense of community, family and high-spirited fellowship I want everyone to experience at Harding. It is this sense of connection which we extend to our neighbors in White County.

Throughout Harding’s long history, service has been an ideal to which we have been deeply committed, both internationally through our various campuses abroad as well as here in the Searcy area. We find that service to others is one of the main keys to successful relationships in churches, families, friendships and communities. Harding has been tremendously blessed with an administration and faculty of highly-qualified professionals, successful coaches and student-athletes, extremely talented entertainers, state-of-the-art facilities and a beautiful campus, and it is our pleasure to share those blessings with you.

As a long-time member of various boards and projects relative to community and economic development, I believe in building connections. Many relationships have been formed as a result of students, faculty and staff participating in community-building activities as well as supporting local businesses, and we offer these services to a community that has long supported our efforts at Harding.

This guide highlights the free and low-cost health services, entertainment, educational opportunities, activities, camps and athletic events made available to those living in White County. You have been invaluable partners in the story of Harding, and for that we express our immense gratitude.

I would invite you to visit our campus whenever you can and take advantage of any of these services that may be beneficial to you. Our greatest contribution to the community is certainly providing a quality higher education, and we invite you to consider Harding in any educational plans you may be making. It would be a privilege to have you join us in our pursuit as we integrate faith, learning and living, both here in White County and beyond.

— President David B. Burks

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