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Spring Break Missions

What are Harding Spring Break Missions?

Harding University offers many ways for our students and faculty to experience the mission field. One of the more common ways are Spring Break Missions. Each year student leaders are selected to organize a team of their peers for mission work. We offer training to the leaders and any other support needed. We work mainly with smaller churches across the United States, however we always have a few mission trips outside of the country. We believe this mission field experience allows the students to learn hands on and use what they have learned in the classroom. Harding University Spring Break Missions are an intricate part of the University's commitment to The Great Commission in Matthew 28.


The vision of Spring Break Missions is very simple. We pray that as our students learn how easy and beneficial it is to serve a church and God's people on a university level, they will also use what they have learned to serve their home congregation after they leave our school.

About Us

Harding University Spring Break Missions (formerly Campaigns) has been a part of the university for many years. Spring Break Missions started out completely student lead. After their first few years the Office of the President took on the role of sponsoring this outreach program. This move offered more organization and structure to the process. The trips are still student lead, but there is an administrative staff on campus that handles the day to day operations of Spring Break Missions.

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