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What is a Summer Mission Trip?

A Global Outreach Summer Mission Trip is anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. This type of trip is very servant-oriented, with specific task goals such as teaching English, doing VBS, working with and encouraging churches in the area, painting murals, singing, etc. Summer Mission Trips are led by a faculty member, and are geared toward students who have never been overseas on a mission trip, prefer to go with a specific task to do, or are not open to doing long-term mission work in the future. These trip opportunities spread across the globe--from the Caribbean islands to southeast Asia, from Australia to Central America, and there are new locations every year! Most Summer Mission Trip participants are Harding students, though some exceptions may apply.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying, email for the link to the online application and receive further instructions.


Students who participate in Global Outreach Summer Mission Trips participate in both general and location-specific training. Over the course of the year, they attend multiple Global Outreach meetings with all other GO teams to talk about things such as fundraising, safety on the field, team building, and prayer. Along with that, teams meet individually to discuss the specific cultures, languages, activities, and more that the students will encounter on the field.

On the Field

Daily activities for student time on the field differ drastically between sites. However, many sites can be grouped together as having similar tasks.

Conversational English Sites: There are a few sites that center around teaching English using the Bible and/or Bible stories and workbooks. World English Institutes makes a series of lessons related to this purpose that are used for a few of the locations. At other locations, students may use the Bible directly to teach English from. The teaching material is determined by the host missionary and the program they already have in place. These sites allow students to use English as an way to spread the gospel to those who may not otherwise hear it. You can identify these by looking for the † symbol next to the location name.

Tropical Locations: Most of our tropical locations center around a few main types of work. Church encouragement is a large part of these trips, as the churches are often small and contain the only Christians in the area. There is often an emphasis in community outreach, both through service projects and evangelism. Students will also take part in children or youth ministry events. Depending on the site, this may look like VBS, day camps, youth retreats, or other events of that nature. You can identify these sites by looking for the ‡ symbol next to the location name.

Other work done on Global Outreach trips includes painting murals, physical labor, visiting nursing homes and schools, and more. Students also have the chance to visit nearby tourist attractions during scheduled time for rest and relaxation.

Email for more information.

How to Donate

Every year participants send out letters to friends, family and churches asking them to partner with them and Global Outreach in the mission work through prayer and financial support. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please click on the link below. For more information please read the Fundraising Policy.

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