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Master of Education in Educational Leadership

What is the Master of Education in Educational Leadership?

Harding University’s Educational Leadership program is designed as a three-tier process. The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program corresponds with the first tier of this process.

Level One: Building Level Leadership (P-12)

This level will grant you a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership. Successful completion of the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) and a valid mentoring program will give you full building-level licensure from the State of Arkansas as a P-12 administrator.

Level Two: District-Level Leadership

Option A will grant you district-level administrative licensure following successful completion of the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) and a valid mentoring program.

Option B grants you an Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership at the district level and will also grant you a district-level licensure following successful completion of the SSA and a valid mentoring program.

Level Three: P-20 Leadership

This level grants you a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership.

What courses are required?

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program consists of 37 hours, including 4 hours of internship. Please see the curriculum plan for more information.

M.Ed. Educational Leadership Curriculum Plan pdf

For current course schedules, please see the Semester Course Schedules on the Graduate Programs home page.

Please note: This program requires you to have a valid teaching license and a minimum of 2 years teaching experience to be accepted. It does NOT require you to take comprehensive exams before graduation but you will be expected to prepare and present a professional portfolio. Upon completion of your portfolio defense, you will also be required to take an Exit Survey.

If you already have a valid educationally related master's degree, you may be interested in the Building Level (Principal's) Licensure program of study. See our Endorsements for more information.

For additional information about this program, you may want to consult the Catalog.

What are the admission requirements?

1. Complete application pdf with application fee.

2. Hold a valid teaching license and have at least two year of teaching experience

3. Have an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher.

4. Be admitted to the Educational Leadership Program.

5. Provide contact information from three people who know your professional abilities.

6. Submit written support from your principal or immediate supervisor that includes a commitment allowing you to participate in field experiences.

7. Complete an entrance interview and an impromptu writing sample.

What are the graduation requirements?

1. Complete the 37-hour program of study, which includes four hours of internship.

2. Compile and present a professional portfolio over Arkansas/ISSLC standards.

3. Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 in all graduate work with no grade lower than C (only six semester hours of C credit allowed).

4. Complete the Petition for Graduation pdf the semester before you expect to graduate.

NOTE: You must complete all requirements within six years of admission to the graduate program.

What scholarships are available?

The Meredith Susanne Floyd Scholarship is awarded to Harding University candidates in Graduate Education specifically in the area of Educational Leadership in Building Administration or Curriculum and Instruction. The $1,500 scholarship will be awarded each semester to one candidate seeking an administrative license. Contact the Educational Leadership office at for an application and further information.

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education also offers tuition reimbursement for up to 6 graduate hours per year through the Teacher Opportunity Program (TOP).

Who do I contact for more information?

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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