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The engineering department at Harding has about 230 undergraduate students pursuing degrees in Biomedical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering as well as Physics.

Analog Circuits Lab

The Analog Circuits Lab contains discrete test equipment that allows the electrical engineering student to measure component values, voltage, current, and time based wave forms. This lab is used primarily to introduce students to basic circuit operations and design.

Digital Circuits Lab

The Digital Circuits Lab contains an integrated computer-based test system that allows students to take measurements using software control. In this lab students learn about a wide range of electronic components including microprocessors.

Integrated Technology Classroom

This integrated technology classroom is used for classes that require instruction and computer work simultaneously. In this classroom students learn about instrumentation and finite element analysis.

Project Lab

The project lab is used by all students to develop and construct a wide range of projects.  It contains electronic assembly equipment, test equipment and tools for light fabrication.

3-D Printer

A 3-D printer is located in the project lab and gives students the opportunity to build plastic models of the parts they design.

Mechanical Lab

Our mechanical engineering lab contains machining equipment that allows the students to fabricate a wide range parts. This fabrication lab contains manual and CNC mills and lathes, as well as band saws, grinders, presses, a welder, and an injection molding machine.

Wind Tunnel

Our mechanical engineering lab also contains equipment to perform mechanical analysis.  Pictured here are the wind tunnel, tensile strength tester, and computer stations.  The lab also has stations to experiment with fluids and make viscosity measurements.

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