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Official Transcript for Alumni: Effective November 1, 2012, Harding University has contracted with Scrip-Safe International to process requests for transcripts. There will be an online processing fee of $3.00 and a transcript fee of $5.00 per transcript. Other charges may be incurred depending on your request and your choice of mailing option. You will be able to submit your request and ask that your transcript be mailed through normal postal method or sent to the recipient through email as a PDF. There will be an additional fee for a request to expedite the processing or to send the transcript by normal postal method.

Due to federal guidelines based on FERPA and security of your academic record, you will be required to fill out an online form.  It is only to submit your request for a transcript and that site will not retain any information concerning your academic record at Harding University. The electronic transcripts will make requesting a transcript easier and faster for you and we expect the processing will be completed quickly.

Beginning on 05/01/2018 a new method for ordering your official Harding University transcript will be available via phone request.  The charge for this is $15.00 in addition to any transcript or handling fees.  The number to call to order your transcript is E-Script Safe Customer Service 847-716-3005.  We do not take any orders over the phone at the Harding University Registrar's Office. 

Please note that you should take care of any holds from the Business Office prior to requesting your transcript. Holds of this nature will delay the processing of your transcript and the Registrar may not be able to complete your request according to University policy.

For most colleges and other recipients that request an "official" transcript, they will expect to receive a transcript directly from Harding.  Do not order a transcript to be delivered to yourself, and then forward that document to the college or organization requesting it.  They will consider that copy "unofficial" because it did not come directly from Harding. 

When ordering a transcript, please consider ordering an additional copy to be sent to yourself.  If you do not already have a personal copy of your college record, we encourage all alumni to order a personal copy to keep with other important papers.  Over the course of a lifetime, alumni are asked many questions about their college record, and having your own personal copy of this document allows you to answer those questions quickly without having to order a new transcript every time someone has an inquiry. 

Former students who attended prior to 1995 may use the same link as all other students but may be required to submit a SSN to expedite the processing. 

To order a transcript please go to the site

Current students may order a transcript through their Pipeline account. 

If you have questions, you may correspond with us at

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