FAQ for Student Applicants

Who can enroll in PA classes?

Only students who have been formally accepted into the PA program after completing the stated admissions process may enroll.

Do you offer credit for academic or experiential learning or advanced standing?

The Harding Physician Assistant Program values the contributions and experience of each enrolled student.  However, it is the policy of the Program that advanced placement or credit for academic or other experiential learning will not be awarded. All matriculated students are required to participate in and complete the entire curriculum of the Program in order to meet the requirements of graduation.

What is Harding's policy on transfer students from other Physician Assistant schools?

Harding's Physician Assistant program will not accept transfers from other PA programs.

What University resources are available to accepted graduate students?

The Student Life section of Harding's website lists several services that PA students can access. You can also learn more about graduate financial aid from our Graduate and Professional Support Office.

Are students allowed to work while in the Physician Assistant Program?

The Harding Physician Assistant Program curriculum is fast-paced and rigorous, with a heavy study load. Successful completion requires the full attention of each student. Students are strongly discouraged from working while enrolled in the Program. Some clinical rotations will involve travel, varying shift work and being on-call. No accommodations will be made in the didactic schedule or in clinical rotations for students who choose to work.

Additionally, PA students may not work for the PA program in any capacity, including as faculty or staff.

Where should I obtain references?

Applicants should seek references from individuals who are well acquainted with them academically and professionally. A professional reference would be from persons who have supervised them in work or volunteer clinical experiences. Applicants should obtain references from both areas. The person writing the reference should be acquainted with the applicant for a significant period and be able to speak to professional strengths and give examples. Family acquaintances and/or friends are not good choices for references.

If I am accepted into the Physician Assistant Program, may I defer my acceptance to the following year?

No. The Physician Assistant Program is unable to defer admissions.

If I am accepted, but not a US citizen, what do I need to know?

Non-US citizens are required to submit documentation as outlined by the Program and the University.  An example of this would be that students must demonstrate adequate coverage for health insurance in the United States.

The general University TOEFL policy for graduate programs is superseded by the specific PA program policy that all applicants must be graduates of US regionally accredited schools.

Do PA students have access to a donor (cadaver) lab?

Harding PA students access the Harding PT Program's donor lab to view prosections and to perform limited dissection at scheduled times during the PAS 6010 Clinical Anatomy & Physiology course.

Interprofessional learning activities offer health science students the opportunity to learn from each other according to specific areas of strengths, when appropriate, in the anatomy and physiology curriculum. We are very thankful for the donations that make these learning experiences possible.

Where can I find out more about the PA profession?

A good place to start is The American Academy of Physician Assistants.  Their website,, has a wealth of information about the PA profession.

Am I expected to find my own clinical rotation sites?

No. In accordance with ARC-PA Standards A1.10 and A3.03, students are not required to provide or solicit clinical sites or preceptors.  The program, with support from its sponsoring institution, secures clinical sites and preceptors to ensure the meeting of the program's learning outcomes for supervised clinical practice experiences.  Additionally, all required rotations are located in the United States. 

How does the program help facilitate job placement for graduates?

As the program regularly receives information on PA job opportunities, these are made available to current students and graduates through an electronic posting. 

What immunizations does the Harding PA Program require?

The program requires CDC healthcare worker recommended immunizations and screening tests.  The specifications are made available upon acceptance to the program. 

Has Harding transitioned to the new PA title?

The AAPA House of Delegates passed a vote to change the title of the profession to Physician Associate (PA).  The process of transitioning to the new title requires a series of legislative actions in each state.  The PA Program at Harding will plan a transition to the new title considering other PA organizations' timelines and state/national legislation.

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