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The Communication Studies major examines the levels and formats of communication, including intrapersonal and interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, nonverbal, mediated, rhetoric, and public speaking. It offers students a variety of career and graduate school opportunities through the study of all aspects of human communication, from the theoretical to practical performance. Students will often ask, “How?,” and “Why?” How do people in specific situations communicate? Why do they communicate in those ways and not in others? In this program, we ask these questions in order to examine these techniques and styles with the goal of better understanding the people around us. Communication Studies graduates are prepared for most any job that involves communicating, including project managers, speech writers and missionaries. Many students also go on to graduate school or law school to pursue careers in a variety of professions.

For more information on the courses required for the communication studies major or minor, see the academic catalog.

Jobs, publications and on-campus work opportunities

Although not all who debate are Communication Studies majors and not all Communication Studies majors enjoy debate, the Debate team is tied specifically to the Communication Studies major. Some of our students enjoy working at the KVHU radio station, and others have worked at HU 16, The Bison or the Petit Jean yearbook. All of the areas of student media are open to those who wish to apply. Learn more about the debate team and student media opportunities.

Awards & Honors

National Debate Tournament in April 2019
Mary Grace Golden — advanced to double octofinals

Southern Forensics Debate Championship in February 2019
Hailey Holt and Mary Grace Golden — advanced double octofinals
Hailey Holt — Arkansas State champ in novice debate

University of Monticello debate tournament October 2018
Jade Toth — 2nd place
Zach Rogers — 5th place speaker
Sam Hobbs, Caeden Wolf & Zach Rogers — advanced to Octofinals

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