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Undergraduate Programs

All those wishing to teach must be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program. The application packet below contains all the required application forms as well as the requirements for admission.

Application Packet for Teacher Preparation Program pdf

Note: You must be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program before taking required professional education core classes.

The Harding University Catalog contains other information relevant to this program.

The teaching profession conjures up different images for different people. One person may picture helping little children cut and paste or learn to count, while another may picture explaining complex physics problems to teenagers. Yet another may see themselves explaining major events in national history to middle schoolers. The truth is that teaching can span a variety of subjects and age ranges.

The question is - What do YOU want to teach?

Internship II

Students must fill out the required application forms for admission to the Teacher Education Program at least one semester in advance of the Internship II semester. To be admitted, students must:

  • Be recommended by an academic advisor.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale as well as a GPA of 2.7 in their major field of study.
  • Make a grade of "C" or higher in the education prefix courses.
  • Complete the prerequisites for Internship II.
  • Have on file in the office of the School of Education an approved curriculum plan.
  • Complete all Arkansas requirements for the area in which they will teach.

The Harding University Catalog contains other information relevant to this program.

NOTE: Since Internship II sites are more readily available in the fall, students may wish to choose an alternate four-year program which advisers can provide.

The Cannon-Clary College of Education welcomes you to the Internship II experience. We are proud of our cooperating schools, our cooperating teachers, and the experiences that are provided for you in the Teacher Education Program. But most of all we are proud of you and your accomplishments. Internship II is one of the most important and profitable experiences in your professional preparation. It is a time for demonstrating the skills that you have gained during your time here on campus; but most importantly, it is the time when you begin the process of moving from candidate status to professional educator. This guided experience is planned for your optimal professional growth.

Internship II lasts 18 weeks and requires a full time commitment from the candidate. To be admitted to the Internship II semester, a teacher candidate must meet certain requirements.

Internship Handbook pdf

Internship II Handbook  pdf

List of Forms
Forms required before or during the Internship II semester.

Absentee Policy pdf

Attendance Information pdf

Attendance Record pdf

Autobiographical Rubric  pdf

Class Summary  pdf

Cooperating Teacher Disposition Survey  pdf

Cooperating Teacher Evaluation  pdf

Cooperating Teacher Grade Sheet  pdf

Disposition Evaluation  pdf

First Day Report  pdf

Formative Observation Form  pdf

HUFEOS Rubric  pdf

Intern Contract  pdf

Internship II Application  pdf

Learning Page and Reflection  pdf

University Supervisor Disposition Survey  pdf

University Supervisor Evaluation  pdf

University Supervisor Grade Sheet  pdf

If you have difficulty in downloading the PDF's above visit Adobe Support for help with downloading or contact and they can mail you the forms if you are a prospective student. Please provide your address and your graduation month and year.


Here are the Harding University Field Experience Observation System (HUFEOS) forms for you to use in your field experiences.  Whenever you are being observed by a cooperating teacher or university supervisor, you must submit the pre-observation interview form, the learning page, and the class summary three days before the observation.  You may send them the completed forms as email attachments or print them and submit them in person.

Class Summary  pdf

Formative Observation Form  pdf

Learning Page and Reflection  pdf

Special Education Performance Assessment  doc

HUFEOS Rubric  pdf

HUFEOS Lesson Plan  pdf

HUFEOS Lesson Reflection  pdf

HUFEOS Lesson Summary  pdf

HUFEOS Observation Rubric  pdf

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