There are two tiers of eligibility in the Honors College: honors scholars and honors students. Both tiers can graduate as Honors College Graduates or Honors College Graduates with Distinction.


Honors Scholars are a select group of around 40 students who make up the Honors College's incoming freshman class each year.  These students are National Merit Semifinalists and Finalists, Harding Trustee Scholars, and other students in the College Board's Recognition programs. 

Honors Scholars must maintain a 3.25 GPA and complete a required curriculum before their final year to remain in the Honors College and, therefore, retain their scholarship.  Honors Scholars are encouraged to pursue Honors College recognition at graduation and are expected to engage in leadership and service at the university and/or in the community.

Review the Honors Scholars section for details about this honors opportunity.


Any student who earns a 3.25 GPA at midterm of their first semester, or any time thereafter, can apply for admission to the Honors College.

Applicants must submit the following:

  • Proof of qualifying GPA
  • The name of a Harding faculty member who can provide a strong recommendation
  • Essay

Honors students must enroll in HNRS 2000 during the first full semester after they are admitted to the Honors College, must maintain a 3.25 GPA, are encouraged to pursue Honors College recognition at graduation, and are expected to engage in leadership and service at the university and/or in the community.

Continuing Requirements

All students enrolled in the Honors College are expected to engage in scholarship, leadership and service to the community. To remain enrolled in the Honors College, students will:

  • maintain a 3.25 cumulative university GPA
  • participate in the academic and student life offerings in the Honors College
  • participate in leadership and service opportunities on campus, in the community and beyond

The Honors College tracks students' progress in these areas. Students who do not meet the expectations in a given semester will be placed on probation in the Honors College during the following semester. If the expectations are unmet a second time, the student will be unenrolled from the Honors College and may re-apply in the following semester.


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