Graduates with Distinction

Spring 2023

Rachel Beckham: Censorship in Schools: Reading’s Position in the Landscape of Policy Creation

Jackson Benight: Searcy Rialto Theater: Celebrating a Century of Cinema

Kayla Cesone: Promoting Postnatal Lactation Support for Minority Mothers

Grant Russell Countess: Professional Shame as Experienced by Pre-professional Accountants

Aurelio José Coxaj Lázaro: How Marketing Can Change Businesses in Guatemala

Danielle DeBoef: Navigating the System: A Comprehensive Review of Elderly Assistance Programs

and Resources in the Searcy Community 

Nicholas Edward Emlaw: Hive Mind: Performance of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms at the Game of Hive

John Howard Hassmann: Making Good Doctors: The AMA’s Code of Ethics and a Culture of Virtue

Gabriel Grant Huff: Protecting the Journalist: Media Organizations’ Policies Regarding Mental Health 

Sydney Marshall: The High Street Haven: Evidence Based Inclusive Design Education 

Halle Christina Miller: Social Connectedness as Experienced by Black Christian Women at a Predominantly White University

Joshua Milnes: Using Scrum to Manage the Development of a Smart Inhaler Device 

Sophie Rossitto: Connecting Artists and Audiences: The Role of Music Journalism in Society

Jessica Ann Simmons: Growth-Minded Education? A Process of Continual Teacher Development 

Megan Brooke Sledge: Student Leadership in Higher Education: An Examination of Policy Influence 

Emma Grace Smith: Policy Proposal: Assessing for and Mitigating Risk Factors of Runaway Youths in Arkansas



Fall 2022

Kaitlyn Marie Schmitt: Inspired Pathways: A Visual Art Series of Psychotherapeutic Approaches

Spring 2022

Mary Elizabeth Edwards: The Effects of Phonological Awareness Intervention in Underachieving Students 

Vivian Alejandra Fuentes Caracun: ULTA Beauty Marketing Plan: International Launch in Guatemala 

Dylin T. Gay: Designing a Pre-Professional Health Preparation Course 

Mary Grace Golden: Unpacking Political Identity in First-Time Voting Christian Women: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis 

Katelyn Elizabeth Hawkins: The Effects of a Narrative Intervention on Gender Attitudes in Students at a Christian University 

Konrad Franklin Heyen: Developing Situational Guidance for Capstone Project Team Leaders 

Ce’jae Jalisa Hodge: Bridging the Gap of Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Development of a Self-Assessment Tool to Bring Awareness of Implicit Racial Bias 

Alicen Wilcox James: Microglia Polarize in Response to Transactive Response DNA-bindingProtein-43 (TDP-43) and Display Partial Recovery After Removal of the Stimulus 

Eliana G. John: Free Radicals Promote Prolonged Activation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors 

Eric A. Johnson: The Freedmen’s Bureau and Black Land Ownership in Arkansas 

Everett Belle Kirkman: Digital Pulpit: A Thematic Analysis of Evangelical Leaders’ Statements on Twitter in the Two Weeks Following the January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot 

Mason Vaughn LaFerney: Predicting Probabilistic Cellular Automata using Feed Forward Neural Networks 

Audrey Virginia Lawrence: Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Thione Complexes 

Grace T. Long: The Effects of Twitter Posts Regarding COVID-19 Information on the Viewer’s Perception of Credibility: A Study on Misinformation 

Julio Eduardo Montenegro Solis: Starbucks en Nicaragua Marketing Plan: Rediscovering the Soul of Starbucks

 Mackenzie Debra Richmond: Exploring the Impacts of Student Classification on Perceptions of Success

Lillian Jayne Robey: Leveraging Entrepreneurial Skills to Assist Marginalized Communities through Established Non-Profits 

Makenna Elaine Roehr: Assessing School Climate at a Local Private School: Executive Summary Report

Joshua C. Shockley: The Effects of Musical Experience and Aptitude on Phonological Skills in a Foreign Language 

Seth A. Sims: Investigation of Cotinine Concentration found in Saliva of Smokers and Vapers in Demographic Sectors 

Kelsey Ann Smith: Violence Reduction Strategies: Balancing Efficacy, Safety, and Accountability in the Criminal Justice System Through Practical Policy Reform 

Hayley Kate Webb: More Than an Athlete:  A Qualitative Analysis of How Student-Athletes Develop Self-Authorship Through Their Experiences in Athletics 

Keenan Scott Zehner II: The Effect of Music on Working Memory

Fall 2021

Lei Blaik Edmerson: Examining the healthcare journeys of African American individuals with type 2 diabetes amid COVID-19

Madeleine Hall: A Kierkegaardian analysis of spiritual practices in 'To the Wonder' 

Spring 2021

Coral Ann Brantly: Mechanical Engineering- Vital Variance Detection Device: Portable Medical Instrumentation for Majority-World Hospitals

Matthew Thomas Emlaw: Computer Science- Leading the Development of the Game Node

Ilse Manuela Ghent:  Political Science- Catching Feelings: A Feeling Thermometer of Congress

Nathaniel C. Hawes: Mechanical Engineering- The Creation and Testing of Computational Aircraft Design Tools 

Katelyn Anne Jewett: Child life and Spanish- Continuing to Fall Through the Cracks: How Healthcare Professionals Can Improve Their Care for Hispanic Populations

Lim Jun Xian John: Interdisciplinary Studies- Hybridized Spirituality in Singaporean Christians 

Emma Claire Little: Accounting- Reflective Analysis of Remote Teamwork and Leadership within a Simulated Business Environment 

Emory Grace Malone: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology- Heat-treated titanium surfaces exhibit antimicrobial properties 

Nathan Ray McClaran: Computer Engineering- Defining the Opportunities and Challenges of Internet of Things Devices in Relation to Criminal Investigations 

Pedro Navarette: Computer Science - A Comparative Study: MongoDB vs Elasticsearch

Timothy Gracen Partlow: Mechanical Engineering- Design and Implementation Guide for Flight Controls in the SAE Aero Competition 

Hannah Elizabeth Plumlee: Communication Science and Disorders- COVID-19’s Lasting Effects on the Field of Audiology

Namon Barnes Pope: Integrated Marketing Communication- Visual Marketing and Black Students at a Private, Faith-Based, Predominantly White Institution 

Annesly Young Pruitt: English- The Face of Love:  An Augustinian View of God and Narrative in C.S. Lewis’ “Till We Have Faces” 

Benjamin Parker Pruitt: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology- The Biochemical Mechanisms of The Sugar Addict’s Brain

John David Stewart: Integrated Marketing Communication- Investigating Factors That Influence Students' Use of an Exercise Facility at a Faith-Based University 

Jacob Ross Taylor: Interdisciplinary Studies- Hylomorphism and Theosis in “Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold” by C.S. Lewis 

Adrianna Walls: Computer Science- Encoder-Decoder Models for Natural Language Processing 

Erin Rose Weiss: Social Work- The Patchwork Patient: An Analysis of Gender Inequities within American Health and Healthcare 

Fall 2020

Martha Grace Weaver: Medical Humanities- The Sustainability of Women’s Reproductive Healthcare: A Comparative Policy Analysis of Private vs Public Insurance in the 21st Century

Spring 2020

Maria Alonso Ochoa: International Business/Management- Solarwatt Manufacturing Plant in Mexico

Sidney Brandon: Interdisciplinary Studies- Bile acid metabolites in mammalian small intestine lamina propria maintain the homeostatic balance of CD4+ T cell differentiation into TH17 and Treg cells

Rebecca Burrows: Medical Humanities/History- The Third Plague Pandemic and British India: A Transformation of Science, Policy, and Indian Society

Madelynn Darby: Psychology- The Effect of Belonging on Anxiety and Self-Efficacy Among First-Year University Students in a Religious Academic Environment

Allyson Davis: Nursing- HEAL: The Design and Implementation of an Employee Wellness Program at Harding University

Leslie Erazo Pastora: Finance/Economics- Fair Trade or Buy Local: A Central American Perspective

Claudia Helbig: Molecular and Cellular Biology- IncRNA CRNDE regulation of the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway through miRNA-181 modulation promotes human colorectal cancer cell proliferation 

Ketevan Kambarashvili: Interdisciplinary Studies- Pre-Medicine and Business Leadership: Comparative Analysis of Patient Outcome and Satisfaction in Post-Soviet and U.S. Healthcare Systems

Claire Keisling: Molecular and Cellular Biology- Microglia Exhibit Time-Dependent Recovery of Phagocytosis After Ethanol Exposure: A Potential Mechanism Related to Inflammatory  Cytokines

Rachel McCurry: English (Licensure)- Marx and Thoreau Break the Machine: Applying a Marxist lens to Henry David Thoreau's Walden and "Civil Disobedience" 

Grady Moore: History- Understanding Atrocity: The Influence of Ethnicity, Tradition and Circumstance in the Rise of Idi Amin 

Jaclyn Parker: Nursing- Stop Traffic: Equipping Nursing Students to Identify Human Trafficking Survivors in the Healthcare Setting

Ashlyn Wilson: Psychology- Effects of Scenario Gender, Respondent Gender, and Survivor Photographs on Assigning Blame and Sympathy for Emotional Abuse Survivors 

Fall 2019

Douglas A. Gonzalez: Finance and International Business- IKEA's Financial Analysis from an
International Finance Perspective

Spring 2019

Hallie Ruth Hite: English and Spanish- The Liberty of Law and Knowledge: Reform in "Woman in the Nineteenth Century” 

Macy Joye McClung: Public Relations- Fintech and Its Followers: A Demographical Breakdown of Financial Technology Use at Harding University

Cristina Rojas Monge: International Business and Marketing- Healing the Dry Mouth Problem in Costa Rica: The Xerostomia Relief Spray

Caleb L Spann: Computer Science- Software Development of an Implementation of the Game of Quoridor

Megan Nichole Stroud: Journalism and Marketing- Analysis and Comparison of Editorial and Advertising Content in "The Magnolia Journal”

Allison A Walker: English and Spanish- The Devil in Fanny Fern: Dual Voices in “Ruth Hall” and Selected Columns

Makyra G Williamson: English- Anne Brontë's “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”

Brian Addison Yates: Biochem and Molecular Biology- The epigenetic regulators MLL2 and ZFP36L2 promote global transcriptional silencing in developing oocytes of “Mus musculus"

Fall 2018

Brandon Michael Emlaw: Broadcast Journalism and Computer Science- Software Development of an Implementation of the Game of Breakthrough

Austin Forrest Hayes: French and International Studies- Political Parodies and the Ills of Elections: Understanding the Relationship between French Satire and French Politics

Zachary H. Heard: FinanceThe Moral Character of Markets: A NeoAristotelian Account of the Ethics of Market Economies

Spring 2018

Daryl Bagley, Jr.: Mathematics and Computer Science- Class Scheduling with a Genetic Algorithm

Elizabeth Andrea Bentley: English and Spanish- A New Way of Speaking: Jonathan Safran Foer’s "Everything Is Illuminated and Effective Forms of Holocaust Literature"

Rebecca Lynn Denton: Interdisciplinary Studies- Confusion, Learning, and the Implications for Occupational Therapy

Mary Kathryn Gaines: Nutrition and Dietetics- Acceptability of Low Cost Fiber Additives in Banana Muffins Based on Subjective and Objective Testing

Adrian Gallegos: Physics and Mathematics -Working Theoretical Models of Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes (TGFs)

William Wesley Hagerman: Spanish and French-Second Language Acquisition of Voicing Patterns in Spanish Sibilants

Emily Taylor Haynes: Cognitive Neuroscience-The Effect of Font Spacing and Font Color on Attention and Short Term Recall Memory

Maria Alejandra Hernandez: Mgmt/Professional Sales- Analyzing Relationship Strategies in the Workplace

Alicia Mejia Maradiaga: Finance and Economics- Providence: Using a Hypothetical International Firm to Analyze the Impact of International  Economic and Financial Factors on Businesses

Iliana Ochoa Lopez: Management Inf Systems and Management- EJISE Journal Review and VBS Project Management: Bringing Information Systems to the Workplace

Benjamin Thomas Moore: Public Administration- Broken relationships and Broken Homes- Evaluating the Causes of Homelessness

Sarah Kay Pike: Communication Studies- Who Rocks the Boat? Initial Orientation in Non-National Students

Anna Elizabeth Pitman: Communication Sciences & Disorders- Ethnolinguistic Convergence and Divergence within Dyadic Communication

Caleb Steven Russell: History & Political Science- War, What is it Good For?  The United States Government and the Golden Age of Comic Books

Carrie Elizabeth Stewart: Exercise Science- Chemo to Cardio: Exercise Prescription in Breast Cancer Patients

Nicole Marie Strittmatter: Communication Studies- Identity formation in Asian Americans: The impact of media and communication on self-perception

John Harper Thomas: Marketing/Leadership and Ministry- Integrated Marketing Communications in Collegiate Athletics

Michelle Troeglen Balmaceda: International Business & Finance- Amazon in Central America: Market Research and Strategies of Entry

Claudia Velasco Ventura: Marketing & Management- Happiness, a new model of profitability for businesses

Fall 2017

Nicole Grace Lacina: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology- Natural Killer T Cells of Double-Negative Thymocyte-Origin Provide Enhanced Antitumor Cytotoxicity in Mus musculus

Spring 2017

Marianie Bedolla Jimenez: Chava Marketing Plan: Promoting Culture, Style, and Countries

Fanny Michelle Bonilla: Chava Marketing Plan: Promoting Culture, Style, and Countries

Julio Cesar Castro Campollo: Chava Marketing Plan: Promoting Culture, Style, and Countries

Hamilton R. Frye: Literacy Lab Management Database

Garrison C. Gerard: Senior Project in Leadership-Harding University Thundering Herd Drum Major

Bethany Luanne Harris: The Effect of Boredom Proneness, Social Media Use and Inactivity on Perception of Time

William Scott Humphrey: Education and the Economy as Invitations to Terrorism in Latin America

Mayra Lissette Larin Aguilar: Chava Marketing Plan: Promoting Culture, Style, and Countries

Holly A. Larsen: An Examination of Communication and Mediation in Conflict Management

Stryder J. Matthews: The Dialectic of Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Essays"

Robert William Moore: An Exploration in Linear Programming Applied to the Electoral College

Emily Morgan Mylhousen: Murine heart-related circular RNA (HRCR) inhibits pathologic cardiac hypertrophy by acting as an endogenous miR-223 sponge

Angela Pamela Pira Alconero: Religious Perceptions Across Different Cultures

Laura Kathleen Ruth Salter: International Intervention in Domestic Humanitarian Crises

Ethan P. Smith: The Long Road to Safety

Hunter William Yeats: Universal Design on College Campuses

Fall 2016

Alyssa Abraham: Shakespeare's Mythical Creatures in A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest

Geneva Brock: Positioning & Promoting Harding University's Music Department: A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Hannah Cochran: Quadtria: Design and Implementation of Game Software

Spring 2016

Bethany Allison: Increasing Compliance to Protocols for Care of Central Lines to Decrease CLABSI Rates

Kelby Czerwonka: Baldwin Corporation Company Strategic Plan

Esther De La Cruz Gamez: How Can El Salvador Create Better Projects for the Development of the Communities?

Julianna Fritz: Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Reduction

Daniel Grant: Engineering Design and Construction: F7X Wheelchair Lift

Shelby Griffith: Spanning the Gap: The Case for Lucille Clifton

Corbett S. Hall: Determining the Multipotency and Fate Restriction of Neural Stem Cells Within the Retina of Oryzias latipes

Laura Hatley: Improving Sleep in the Intensive Care Unit

Elizabeth Claire Heffley: *#?%!: Regional Differences in the Semantics of Swearing

Jesse Hixon: Light the Lights: A Hands On Approach to the Theatrical Process

Cindy Ester Orozco Ledesma: Cultural and Marketing Planning for TJ Maxx in Guatemala

Andrew Steven Pyle: Hexamerins Influence Femal Caste Differentiation in European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)

Maria Angeles Tercero: Investing and Capital Budgeting Decisions for Small Business

Kristhel Melissa Vargas Arburola: International Business Marketing Plan: Introducing Sonic in Costa Rica

Elizabeth Walton: Just Like Grandy: A Children's Book On Nutrition and Physical Activity

Fall 2015

Stephany Ayestas: ENACTUS (Entrepreneurs in Action) in Nicaragua: Creating Nation Change Through Empowerment

Jessica Fontenot: Mandatory Minimum Sentences and Drug Crime Deterrence

Michelle Gomez: Special Topics on Financial Accounting and Reporting

Molly Harris: The Effects of Writing Instrument and Type of Paper on Divergent Thinking

Spring 2015

Lily Elizabeth Armstrong: [Accounting] Andrews, Inc. Company Strategic Plan

Priscila Natalia Baca Álvarez: [Management/Professional Sales] Coffee Preferences Among Four Business Majors: Management, Marketing, Accounting, and Management Information Systems

Maia Alyce Hernandez: [Finance/Accounting] Prospective M&A in Entertainment Streaming Services

Natalie Annelle Heyen: [General Studies] Effects of Inadequate Health Literacy on Healthcare Delivery

Logan Ethan Keim: [Psychology] The Effect of Scenario Geographical Region and Scenario Gender on Perceptions of Aggression

Carter Alan Lowe: [Nursing] Preventing Enteral Tubing Misconnections with ENFit Connections System

Patricia Midory Martinez Araujo: [Finance/Marketing] When Preparation Meets Opportunity: Learning Outcomes from a Finance Professional Internship

Kaitlyn Michelle Miller: [Nursing] The Value of Nursing Specialty Certification

Daniel I. Neely: [Psychology] Effects of Respondent Familial Divorce and Scenario Age at Divorce on Perceived Self-Esteem

Doris Beatriz Oliva Fuentes: [International Business/Marketing] International Business: Expanding the Mayan Coffee Market to the United States

Katherine Ruth Parker: [Nursing] Evaluation of Current RN Efficiency

Kaitlin May Plachy: [Interdisciplinary Studies] Without Reservation: Educational Inequalities in the Navajo Nation

Lauren Ashley Rogers: [Nursing] The Value of Nursing Specialty Certification

Michael R. Wallace: [Public Administration] Dangers on the Road: An Analysis of the Causes of Highway Traffic Fatalities

Brent A. Ward: [Software Development] The Heist: A Video-Game Adaption of the Board Game Kulami

Victoria Renee Willis: [Biology] Rad51 Reduces Genomic Instability During Homologous Recombination

Jake Garrison Windley: [Political Science] Short-Term Innovative Factors for Countries in the OECD

Fall 2014

Richard Loveland: [Accounting] Andrews Corporation: A Professional Business Simulation

Spring 2014

Barrett Adair: [General Studies] Pentago: An Implementation of the Abstract Strategy Game using the Qt Framework

Lauren Ammerman: [Biochem and Molecular Biology] Calcium-dependent Protein Kinase 1 (CDPK1), a Potential Drug Target in Toxoplasma gondii

Delaney Bivens: [Psychology/Spanish] The Effect of Self-Complexity on Construal Level

Brett Cravens: [Nursing] Improving Isolation Adherence in the Pediatric Emergency Department Setting

Jonathan Crews: [Mechanical Engineering] Engineering Design and Implementation:  C.R.I.B.S. (Cradle Rocking Infant Back to Sleep)

Emisa Diaz Hernandez: [Finance/Management] CAFTA-DR: Challenges and Opportunities for Honduran International Trade

Jared Dryden: [Public Relations] Claiming Their Share: The consumption of news and political information through social media among college students.

Melora Hawley: [English] Perceiving Identity: The King’s Two Bodies in King Lear

Megan Lehmann: [Public Administration] The Effects of Social and Economic Characteristics on Voting Behavior

Hector Mejia: [Management Information Systems/Int Bus] InGenesis Expands its Horizons: Mexico's Cultural and Economic Analysis

Max Michael: [Interdisciplinary Studies] Effects of stress and sleep quality on health in exercising and non-exercising college students

Joshua Moran: [Biochem and Molecular Biology] Oxidative Stress-Mediated Regulation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma (PPARγ) in Bone

Kelli Mott: [Family Life Education] The Interaction Between Nutrition and Behavior in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Jose Portillo Urbina: [Finance/Economics] The Socio-Economic Impact of the Dollarization in El Salvador

Kate Scherer: [History] Madam Librarian: A History of Librarianship in American Public Libraries

Lidia Soza: [Accounting/Finance] Corruption and E-Commerce Frauds Affecting International Trade

Zachary Wimer: [Public Administration] Safeties Off: The Effect of Gun Ownership and Other Factors on Crime

Fall 2013

Kimberly Hawkins: [English] The Boy Crisis in Literacy and How Jane Eyre Can Help

Derek Mountford: [Public Administration] Making the Grade: Analyzing Educational Outcomes for Florida’s State Assessment Test

Spring 2013

Kayla Adams: [Nursing] Getting to the Heart of Population Health: Using Research to Enhance Outcomes in Congestive Heart Failure Clients

Paul Aiyedun: [Computer Engineering] The Combination Code Cracker

Alma Cojom: [Finance and Management] Smart Feeder Business Plan

Melissa Dykes: [Youth and Family Ministry] Katniss and Christ: Meeting the Hunger of Middle School Girls

Erin Grant: [Psychology] International Trade: Boon or Bane? Analyzing the Influence of International Trade on Domestic Unemployment Levels

Rafael Guillen: [Finance and Marketing] Eureka Social

Jillian Holt: [Communication Science Disorders] Do Learning Modalities Affect Scores on Language Assessments in Preschool Children?

Lia Jaros: [International Studies] The Noble Lie of Venezuela

Taylor Kee: [International Business and Economics] Strategic Business Policy

Conor Kirkman: [Computer Science] Cloudburst: An Implementation of the Abstract Strategy Game "Creeper" Using Genetic and Monte Carlo Algorithms

Daniela Misas: [Marketing] Research Analysis of the Benefits and Overall Use of the Services Provided by COBA Center for Professional Excellence

Amanda Norris: [Biochemistry and Molecular Biology] The Role of Cytotoxic T Cells in the Degradation of Dystrophic Muscle

Shelby Rackley: [Art] Ceramics: Wheel Throwing and Slip Casting

Diana Rojas: [Marketing and Finance] Smart Feeder Business Plan

Samantha Scanlon: [Biochemistry and Molecular Biology] Myristoylated Alanine-rich C-kinase Substate Regulates Cell Survival in Glioma

Leila Shelburne: [Interdisciplinary Studies] Cultural Communication Among the Karimojong

Shenoa Weeks: [International Studies] The Latin American Victim Shelter: A common missing critical link in the human trafficking rehabilitation process

Emily Wood: [Interdisciplinary Studies and Political Science] Babel On: Dialect and Accent Tolerance in Contemporary America

Fall 2012

Allison Gutierrez: [Psychology] Multicultural Counseling: Persons with a disability

Alyssa Kirkman: [History] The Effect of Malaria and Typhus on Strategy in World War II

Spring 2012

Daniel Avelar Lainez: [International Business] 200K The Cornerstone: Building a First class Self-sustainable School for Mentally Challenged Adults in Honduras

Carlos Alredo Avendano Escalante: [Human Resources and Management] Influencing Life: An Application of Leadership Strategies to Servant Leadership

Whitney Dixon: [English Licensure] Othello in the High School Classroom: Dealing with Race

Sarah Eason: [English] Destructive Delusion in Shakespearean Comedy and Tragedy: Claudio and Othello as the Protagonist-Villains

Alan Spencer Elrod: [History] Speak Shibboleth: Irish Nationalism, Cultural Revival, and the Gaelic League

Rachel Leigh Haynes: [Fashion Merchandising and Management] Fashion Merchandising: Rachel Leigh's Design Collection for Fall 2012

Nathaniel Ryan Hourt: [Computer Science] Huffman Coding Extended for Run-Length Encoding and Token Compression

Danielle B. John: [International Business and French] The Greek Debt Crisis: It's a French Problem

Shelbey Lewis: [Speech-Language Pathology] National Dysphagia Diet: The Viscosity of Thickening Liquids

Rebecca Dawn Mays: [Mathematics Licensure] The Surfer Problem and Some Extensions

Bethany C. Melchers: [Spanish] Speaking Spanish Without Saying a Word: An Overview of Nonverbal Communication in Spain and Latin America

Bryce Randall Noblitt: [Biology] The role of Programmed Death-1 in Chronic Viral Infections

Keith Richard Pierce: [Biochem and Molecular Biology] The Detection of UGT2B17 Polymorphisms and Their Effect on Exemestane Metabolism in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Elizabeth Leigh Provencher: [Dietetics] Evaluation of Consumer Acceptance, Baking Properties, and Nutritional Content of Chocolate Cupcakes with Flaxseed Flour

Elinor Cate Renner: [History] The Mark of the Marbles: The Journey from the Athenian Acropolis to the British Parthenon

Cara Richardson: [Psychology] Relationship between Locus of Control and Overall Concept of Health

Karla P. Rodriguez G.: [Marketing and Management] Marketing Research: Integrating Personal Finance and the Liberal Arts Curriculum

Edgar Fernando Sanchez: [Marketing and Management] Marketing Research Project: Increasing Awareness and Interest in the College of Business Administration London Program

Nicholas Scanlon: [Biochem and Molecular Biology] Role of Autophagy Proteins in Control of Murine Norovirus (MNV) Replication by IFN-y

Mallory Ellen Sharp Baskett: [History] J.M.W. Turner: His Life, Work and Influence

Samantha Simpson: [Public Administration] Gun Control and Crime: Is There a Connection?

Jordan Walters: [Biochem and Molecular Biology] Mutational Analysis of Histone H2A in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Andrew M. White: [Accounting and Finance] Crash Course in Leadership: Lessons Learned from Real-World Experience

Steicy Tatiana Zamuria Acevedo: [Management and Finance] Entrepreneurial Business Project: SavvyShoppers Smart-phones Application

Fall 2011

Samantha Adcock: [Spanish] Virtual Simulation: Establishing a Business in Latin America

Brittany Houtchens: [Nursing] Education on Alternatives to Physical Restraints in Long-Term Care Facilities

Daniel Kiser: [Biology] Determining how the mutualism between monoecious figs (Ficus spp.) and their pollinating wasps (Agaonidae) is maintained

Alvanell Lopez: [Nursing] Exclusive Breastfeeding Promotion and Education for New Life Center Clients and Nursing Staff at White County Medical Center

Calle Pittard: [Nursing] Transforming Patient Care through Bedside Reporting

Brianna Sims: [Nursing] In Relation to oncology Patients with Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters, What is the Incidence of Upper Extremity Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Anadeli Vasquez: [Accounting and Management] Entrepreneurial Business Project: Vita "Intelligent" Labels


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