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Our Campaign: Enhancing The Mission

For over eight decades Harding University has been a leader in Christian higher education. Harding's emphasis on Christian scholarship, citizenship education and a values centered curriculum has carved out a special niche in the broad spectrum of higher education in the United States. Harding's commitment to core values is the major factor in its record-setting growth.

Harding has not been and will never be content with simply meeting the status quo. This institution has soared to ever increasing levels of service to the nation and to the world because of its core values and its deeply seated belief in enhancing the mission on a daily basis.

The early years of the 21st century find Harding once again spreading her wings to soar to higher realms. Enhancing The Mission is the most ambitious fund-raising project ever undertaken by Harding University. The campaign has many components with specific goals to help the institution reach new heights of service. The $135 million goal includes scholarship, capital, restricted and endowment segments. Though the goals and opportunities are new, Harding's commitment to the integration of faith, learning and living remains the focal point of its ascent in the future.

Our Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Enhancing The Mission Campaign

Scholarship Funding

Harding continues to attract some of the nation's brightest students. They are deserving students who are endeavoring to make a difference in the world. The Harding experience must continue to be affordable. To achieve that goal Harding must enhance its ability to provide much-needed scholarships for more than 6,500 students. It is an ambitious venture, but one that must be met.

Capital Projects

Enhancing The Mission includes improving and when necessary, expanding our physical resources. New classrooms are needed for growing enrollments in the sciences and education. Renovation and remodeling of existing facilities are a necessary part of making the campus functional in the 21st century.

  • Expansion to Mabee Business Center
  • New College of Nursing Center
  • Expansion of Ganus Athletic Center
  • Expansion of Jim Bill McInteer Bible and World Missions Center

Restricted Needs

In every major campaign there is a category that requires gifts to maintain existing projects. Often these are programs that were initiated in previous campaigns, but their importance to the University requires that specific funding be secured annually. Gifts in this category are raised from donors with specific interests in the ongoing projects.

Endowment Needs
(including deferred expectancies)

As it was in the previous campaigns, securing additional endowment is the largest portion of the campaign. In the 2008-2013 campaign Harding inaugurated a program to significantly increase its endowment. That initiative is not only being carried over into the Enhancing The Mission Campaign, it is being expanded. Endowment gifts create a permanent legacy to Harding and her students. Gifts are placed in the University's endowment fund, and a portion of the income earned from the fund finances many areas of the school's activities, including student scholarships.

Meet our Advancement Staff

The Advancement staff is here to serve you and answer your questions.

Mike Williams

Mike Williams

Vice President of University Advancement
Region: White County, AK, AR, HI

Steve LakeSteve Lake

Assistant VP (AR,TX)
Ken Bissell

Ken Bissell
Harding Fund Officer - South (TX, LA, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC)

Dan Campbell

Dan Campbell

Harding Fund Officer - Tennessee and East (CT, DE, FL, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, TN, VA, VT, WV)

Brian Harrington

Brian Harrington
Harding Fund Officer- Central (AR, IA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, OH, WI)

David Underwood

David Underwood
Harding Fund Officer - West (AR, AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, OK, OR, MT, ND, NM, NV, SD, UT, WA, WY)

Emily Smith

Emily Smith
Program Associate, The Harding Fund

Sarah Bobo

Sarah Bobo
Young Alumni Associate, The Harding Fund

Center for Charitable Estate Planning

Ted Hackney

Ted Hackney

Director, Center for Charitable Estate Planning

Donald Kee

Donald Kee

Senior Planned Gifts Officer

Center for Charitable Estate Planning

Harding Graduate School of Religion

Larry Arick

Larry Arick

Advancement Officer - Harding Graduate School of Religion
Region: Memphis


Ways to Give

Harding is dedicated to preparing itself for the next century so that every student - every future generation - will receive the blessing of a solid, Christian college experience. With your help, the dream can become a reality.


Give Online

Call or email:
to be contacted


Send a check to:Harding University
Advancement Office
Box 12238
Searcy, AR 72149-5615

Named Gifts

A primary objective of the Enhancing The Mission Campaign is to increase Harding's scholarship and endowment funds and to complete priority capital renovation and new construction projects as outlined in the case statement. Listed below are numerous general endowment opportunities available. These and many other funds may be named for your family, business or corporation. They may also be named in your honor as the donor or in honor or memory of a loved one. Such arrangements are completed through formal agreement between you and the University Advancement Office.

Gifts to Establish Faculty Endowment Funds

  • $1,000,000 - Endowed Chair
    for support of a distinguished professor
  • $500,000 - Endowed Professorship
    for the support of senior faculty
  • $250,000 - Endowed Fellowship
    for support of junior faculty
  • $50,000 - Faculty Development and Enhancement

Gifts to Establish Student Endowment Funds

  • $250,000 - Trustee Scholar Endowment
  • $25,000 - Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship Fund

Century Club

The Century Club is designed to show a lasting appreciation for a special group of dedicated friends.

Becoming a donor assures that you will receive University publications, be listed in the annual report, and be recognized within the gift level for which you qualify. You may want to consider Harding's Century Club giving levels:

Patron Level

(bronze) $100 - $249

University Level

(silver) $250 - $499

Heritage Level

(burgundy) $500 - $999


(black and gold) $1,000 - or more


Tuition income, the major revenue component, drives the budget of Harding University. However, nearly $20 million of scholarships and grants in aid offered every year makes up a major cost in the annual budget; these awards include academic, athletic, performance, need-based and other forms of scholarship aid. Because most of this amount comes in the form of tuition waivers or discounts, the University's annual deficit of nearly $3 million actually occurs because of revenue lost to scholarship funding.  

These scholarships and grants in aid must be replaced by gifts. Admittedly, we could raise our tuition and pass along these costs to our students and their families. This is what many institutions of higher learning do; tuition is raised and then a 'discount' is offered to those eligible.  We, however, deeply believe this is not the proper course of action.  We are doing our best to be sure a Harding education is affordable for people of all socioeconomic levels. 

Therefore, we rely on the generosity and philanthropic spirit of friends and alumni - in short, people like you.

Every gift, large or small, is important. Each year the Office of University Advancement processes nearly 20,000 gifts from almost 7,000 donors. About 80 percent of these people give less than $250 annually; but those gifts combine with gifts of greater size to create a revenue to meet the budget demands of the University and allow us to continue offering scholarships to students who have a dream of coming to Harding - and a financial need for our help to make their dream reality.

Your gifts to the Scholarship Fund are vital and an investment of an eternal nature.  Please plan to participate at whatever level you can by calling the Advancement Office at 800-477-4312.

Matching Gifts

While many of our donors are familiar with their company's matching gift programs, many others are not. There are two ways we have come up with to help our alumni and donors to discover if this is a possibility: (1) add information directly to our web site or (2) through a service which will link directly with our site. The second service is a fee service, so we want to try the first method first and the information listed is for possible future use only.

Matching Gift Programs

  • Employer matching gift programs
  • Ask Harding to see if your company will match a gift
  • Partial alphabetical listing of companies that match employee contribution

Employers set up matching gift programs as a way to make charitable contributions to organizations that are important to its employees. Harding University receives more than $300,000 annually in donor-initiated matching gifts from corporations and foundations. These employer matching gift programs can double or sometimes triple your contribution to Harding.

Simple Steps to Secure a Corporate Match

  1. Obtain the form and necessary instructions from your personnel or human resources department.
  2. Complete the employee's section and sign the form.
  3. Send the form to:
    Harding University's Advancement Office
    Box 12238
    Searcy, AR 72149
  4. We will complete our section and return it to the company.

Does your spouse work for a company with a matching gift program, too? If so, your efforts to obtain a second corporate match will be greatly appreciated.

  • In some cases, companies will even match gifts from retired employees, spouses, or members of board directors.
  • Many companies have matching gift programs. Matching gifts are a very important way in which you can enhance your charitable giving.
  • Corporate matches usually double or even triple the benefit of your gift.You have an opportunity to direct you employer's philanthropic dollars to Harding.

Donor Programs

President's Council

Bringing energy and generosity to the task, the President's Council at Harding University has provided nearly 40 years of diligent service and outstanding support to the University. As the University goes into a new millennium, the time is ripe for renewal and growth as the council expands its influence for service to Harding. The President's Council includes a select group of men and women who have committed themselves to supporting and advancing the mission of the University. In the following ways:

  • Functioning as goodwill ambassadors
  • Furnishing advice and counsel on matters of strategic importance
  • Contributing financial support and leadership, especially to the President's Council Scholarship Fund
  • Assisting in student recruitment and job placement
  • Identifying new Council prospects and working with Advancement staff in the recruitment process

Generation HU

Find out more at the Generation HU website.


Questions on Giving

Why is Alumni participation so important?

Alumni participation is used as an indicator of alumni satisfaction by some college guidebooks and by foundations. Alumni who participate at any level are helping Harding's standing for student recruitment and fundraising.

Each year Harding is rated by such organizations as Peterson's and U.S. News and World Reports. Alumni giving percentages are noted and factored into the ranking process.

Perhaps the most critical reason for a high participation rate among alumni is that major foundations consider heavily the willingness of a university's own alumni to support a campaign as a primary key in grant making. These foundations state that they seek to help those institutions which are helping themselves through the support of grateful alumni, parents and friends.

What types of gifts are sought?

We are seeking unrestricted donations to the University or to a specific school within the curriculum. We encourage each person to contribute faithfully each year in accordance with his or her means.

What are unrestricted gifts?

Unrestricted gifts support many academic needs. These change from year to year as the needs of the University and its schools change or opportunities emerge. These needs are basic to the operation of an institution of higher education and include primarily scholarships, but also faculty enrichment, program development, library acquisitions, administrative expenses, new equipment and improvements in facilities and grounds.

Will my company match my gift?

Many companies encourage their employees to contribute to their alma mater by matching their gifts. If your company has a matching gift program, help us take advantage of this opportunity by obtaining the form needed from the personnel office of your company. Please complete the form and return it to us with your gift record and count toward the level for recognition in the Donor Program.

Is my gift tax deductible?

The Harding University Annual Fund has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service as fully qualified to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions solely in support of Harding University.

When will I be solicited?

We generally send direct mail appeals or call our friends and alumni every year. Once a multi-year pledge is made, we delay calls until that pledge is completed. Direct mail appeals are typically sent at the end of the calendar and/or fiscal year.

In addition to written appeals for support, we undertake a student-driven phonathon during the year. This is a chance for you to speak directly to a student on campus, to share your experiences, to hear about campus life now, and of course, to pledge support to the Scholarship Fund.

What is the fiscal year at Harding?

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 - June 30. This may cause some confusion for donors as the tax year follows the regular calendar. New federal accounting standards require that we close our financial year exactly on June 30. Pledge payments of gifts which are received in July cannot be counted to the fiscal year which had just ended.

Can I specify where my gift will be spent?

Yes, but your gift might not count towards the Scholarship Fund. If you would like to restrict your gift to a specific purpose, you can simply make a note of it on the check or include a short note with your gift or pledge payment.

Also, certain corporations limit matching program funds if gifts are restricted. Please check with your company for any matching gift conditions before assigning restrictions to your gifts to Harding.